Friday, July 29, 2011

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Flowergirl Addison and Flowergirl Bryson!

Dishes are in the dishwasher, sink has been scrubbed and sanitized, floors vacuumed and counters wiped down. This "bachelor pad" of Johnny's was in need of a major clean sweep! I am taking a break before I get to work on the bathroom and laundry to introduce you to my ADORABLE Flowergirls!

 Meet Addison! She is my cousin Lindsey's daughter, and just about the most adorable peanut I have ever seen! The pictures above made me laugh because I am doing the same "tickle".

Addison and I at Megan's wedding

A few weeks ago Addison was in town and we had a blast! We went to Lawrence, where she fell in love with Jayhawks.

Visited Pottery Barn Kids and found lots of cute chairs and dollys.

Visited the farmers market, picked out a HUGE watermelon then got to work making watermelon balls. Addison was hysterical, she ate every scoop she made, got covered in watermelon juice and made quite a mess...such fun!

I got to re-live my childhood by visiting Fritz's, a restaurant where you order your food using a phone next to the booth, then watch as a train delivers your lunch! Addison drank almost a whole shake by herself!

I feel so blessed to have sweet Bryson as one of my flowergirls. She is the daughter of one of my mom's closest friends. When B was born, they only lived a few streets away and I would walk over to babysit all the time. I can remember rocking her to sleep in her comfy green chair and practicing my choir songs, singing her to sleep. 

We both love Disney Princesses

and pink cowboy boots (this is her as a flower girl in her uncle's wedding, so basically, she is already a professional FG)

Bryson has grown into a beautiful young lady and I know she will make the perfect flower girl!

(me asking B to be in my wedding...she said yes-yay!!)

While Addison was in Kansas City, we decided to get Bryson and her together to do a quick "run through" at the church. Lindsey gave us the idea to show Addison the aisle, have her walk down it and then take a video. Addison is "into" videos right now and will watch it over and over again--increasing our chances of her actually making it down the aisle on December 31st! She is not even TWO yet! 

Bryson was a great leader, she held Addison's hand and gave her instructions what to do "now you stand here" "now you walk this way" It was very sweet!

B was even nice enough to share a special book with Addison about being a flowergirl. It was a pretty special evening...can't wait for the big day!

As you can see, I am pretty blessed to have these cuties in my life and a part of my wedding party! Just wait til you see them in their adorable dresses! :)

Love and Prayers, 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Airport Waiting and Visiting Mr.

Oh Hello!

I just arrived in Boston and am killing time at the airport until Mr. comes to pick me up. I was going to try to be brave and take the train from the airport to his office, but we decided it might not be worth the hassle. I am slightly directionally challenged and don't really care to haul my suitcases through the city.

Anywho, I just treated myself to a Starbucks to warm up (the air conditioning in the airport is FREEZING me) and a Bride Magazine.

I am so excited to see Johnny in 45ish minutes...HORRAY! I am here until next Wednesday and have my fingers crossed to get a lot of things accomplished together while I am in town!

Hope you are all having a fabulous Wed-nes-day (did anyone else call it Wed-nes-day when you were learning to spell it? nope? only me? Fine. Typical.)

Love and Prayers,

Monday, July 25, 2011

Wedding Work Day and Drexel Hall

With the wedding just around the corner (159 days...but who is counting) My mom and I decided that we needed to crank out some wedding errands, namely, looking for a mother of the bride dress, visiting the hall, scouting out a hotel for our guests. 

Here are some pics of our fun and productive day!

Found this little note from Daddy-o on the counter in the kitchen! 

The morning started with "the best coffee in town" HiHat!!

Then we went to Drexel Hall (the reception venue) to walk around and think about where to place the buffet, tables...etc.

I am obsessed with the beautiful brick building, built at the turn of the century! I didn't get any good pics of the inside, but I know we will be back several more times before December 31st!

In the foyer they have an old phone booth!

After Drexel, We visited the nearby Fairfield and reserved a block of rooms for our guests, I loved the cute color scheme the hotel had, it was nice, clean and close to the reception hall! Win, win, win!

We were pretty hungry and decided that we would enjoy some salads on the Plaza before heading off to find the mother of the bride dress!

Lunch at Houstons!


The rest of the day I did a bad job of taking pictures, basically we drove around and around mom tried on some dresses and we checked off lots of things on our "to-do" list!

I found a pretty pin to place on my bridal bouquet! LOVE IT!

It was a very fun day! Stay tuned for more wedding updates soon! :)

Love and Prayers, 

Friday, July 22, 2011

Aldi and Pickle Juice

I am convinced that one can make any normal outing into an adventure. Case in point...our trip to Aldi's. My dear Grandma Betty is addicted to sweet pickles, when she heard that they were having a sale at Aldi's She convinced me and My Aunt Sue (mentioned here) to take here there. 

Knowing that with Grandma in tow this would not be a boing trip to the supermarket, Aunt Sue suggested bringing my camera to document and deemed this a "blog-worthy" errand. 

When Grandma told us she wanted to stop in for pickles, Sue and I thought, "Okay, sure she will probably get 1-2 jars of pickles since they are on sale, then we will be on our way. No need for us to get a cart, we will just put the jars in a sack and set them on Grandma's walker."  Little did we know, Grandma had planned on getting 10 jars of pickles. Before I could blink, at least seven jars of pickles were balancing precariously on the walker. I asked Aunt Sue for a quarter to run and get a cart. At Aldi you pay a deposit on your grocery cart, 25 cents to check it out, then you receive your quarter back when you return it--hilarious!

I returned with the cart, but it was too late! 

Clean up on the pickle aisle!!

Oh Well, as the saying goes,  no use crying over spilt...errr..pickles?

On we went, to the checkout counter, 10 jars of pickles safely in the cart!

You are not dreaming, the shopping cart of candy does indeed say 1 cent! (at that point I say--why bother, just give it away!)

Aunt Sue was right, our Aldi trip was anything but boring!
And once again we demonstrated her very favorite phrase: "A Baddy Turned Goody"
Baddy: We broke a jar of pickles
Goody: It makes for a good blog post


Love and Prayers,

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sights, Sounds, Smells and Feelings: Reflections on Kanakuk

It is surreal in some ways that my time at Kanakuk has come to a close. It has played such a huge role in my life and in my relationship with Christ. Over the past six years the Lord has used the ministry Kanakuk to teach me so much about His character. He has allowed me to experience His presence at Kanakuk in ways that are truly indescribable. 

As I write this post, I can close my eyes and picture myself sitting at the church. I hear the sounds of summer- the crickets and cicadas and and boats from the lake below. I hear pea gravel shift as people walk by and worship music drifting in through the screen windows of the dining hall.  I smell sunscreen and bug spray mingling with the mineral-laden water and earthy sweet fragrance of Kamp. I see the glorious sunset painted across the ozark mountains, reflected on table rock lake. I see people smiling, serving, running, sweating, praying, crying and encouraging. 

To me, this place is more than a summer kamp, more than a point on a map or a handful of photos in a scrapbook. To me, this is a place where I see Christ's face. It is the place where the Lord captured my heart for the first time. It is a place where I found answers to questions, advice, tools and wisdom. It is here I learned how to be a Christian leader and how to equip the next generations to lead in the same way. 

Within the Kanakuk gates I have met some of the most incredible people in the entire world. And though my time at Kanakuk has come to a close I know that it will always be near and dear to my heart. I will forever carry with me each of the friendships, memories, lessons and experiences. 

Love and Prayers,

TAP DANCE and Life at K-2

I'mmmmmmmmmm baaaaaaaackkkkk! (well, technically I have been back for awhile now). Didya miss me? My greatest apologies for being missing in action for oh-so-long. As you can probably imagine, I have quite a few things to update you on! First things first, KANAKUK!

For those of you who aren't familiar with Kanakuk, it is a Christian sports kamp located on Table Rock Lake near Branson, MO. For those of you who are familiar with Kanakuk, you may know it as Heaven on Earth. Truly, it is an incredible place filled with amazing individuals who love the Lord, sports, having fun, going crazy and making memories. 

It was my third (and final) summer working at K-2 (the highschool kamp). I worked one term and had two unforgettable kabins of girls...but I am getting ahead of myself, allow me to give you a glimpse of what K-2 staff is like before the kiddos even get there--staff training/workweek!

We like to dress up in our best tourist attire (note the chacos and socks) and run around K-2 taking pictures!

oh, and throwing one of our work week cabinmates through a basketball goal, totally normal!

Replecating an awkward lovely family photo

{not pictured: hours and hours of raking, weeding and painting while singing Disney songs and playing 100s of rounds of 20 questions and "I'm thinking of someone"}

Work week was epic, in fact, I'll go as far as to say it was AWECREPIC, which was the new word we invented combining Awesome, Crazy and Epic!

Soon enough staff training was over and we were dying for our kampers to get there! I got matched up with an amazing Co and together we counseled eleven 17 year olds for two weeks. 

Hi-lights: "That deserves a tap-dance"
                "Under NO circumstance"
                 Savannah teaching the rest of the Kabin the art of a 1 minute shower, "You just keep turning, never stop turning"
                 Hey girl Heyyyy, Whatsup-Whatsup
                 K-Wet challenge course bonding
                 I was the "strict" counselor....riiiiight!?!

Caitlin (my co) and I

Macey and I were fierce super-heros at the Justice League Party!

Why not dress up like princesses and sing Disney songs at dinner?

Returning dresses to the skit closet, and no, my *real* wedding dress train is not that long

Fit pumps for Kanakuk Koffee Kake!

Joe White himself, serving up the famous Sunday breakfast!

Dancing through the decades with Sarah at the "Klub Deuce" Party!

The time passed WAYYY to quickly and it was time to say goodbye to this bunch of ladies. 

The next term I had two new co-counselors and we were "moms", friends and encouragers to twelve 15 year old girls! We got to live in one of the oldest kabins at kamp with a spiral staircase and the outdoor bathrooms that we like to call the "mutts".

Afton, me and Cori---a great team!

Hi-lights of second term included a "spa" day:

(turning into aliens  face mask step-by-step)

looking mighty relaxed and spa-rific!

This group of girls were high-energy, which at kamp we call FUAGNEM (Fired Up And Going Nuts Every Minute). We had tons of fun as a kabin and the Lord did incredible things in each of these gals lives. At the end of term we had several young women get baptized and a few others re-commit their lives to Christ!

This is me trekking down "girls" trail to drive boats!

I could never get sick of this view


Driving (and constantly pinching myself--I can't believe I get paid to do this!)

Making the trip up Cardiac Hill after Baptisms!

Working on my chaco tan during morning quiet time

It was an AWECREPIC summer, definitely one for the books!

Love and Prayers,