Tuesday, January 11, 2011

True Love's Kiss and Pixie Dust

My Day at Disneyland!

I woke up early on Saturday morning, rubbed the sleep out of my eyes, looked at my phone and was half way through my early morning "yawn-stretch- in- bed- and- dread-actually-moving-" routine when I remembered TODAY IS DISNEY DAY!!! I leaped out of bed and ran, okay, skipped, to the living room where Johnny was sleeping on the couch. I smothered him with a "good-morning hug" and then started hustling him to get ready and out the door so we could be there as soon as the park opened.

After a quick breakfast of cinnamon toast we packed a backpack and headed to the parks.
I gasped when I saw the castle for the first time. I told Johnny, "Look it's my castle! I'm Home!' (Yes, I kinda sometimes think that I am Princess Aurora)

It was a magical day! I was in awe from the moment we entered the park gates. I immediately felt like a seven year old version of myself and found myself jealous of the little sweethearts flitting around in their little princess costumes. This only encouraged my dream of becoming a Disney Princess (specifically Aurora) someday. Hey, a girl can dream! I even got my picture taken with the Prince. (Though I have to say, I already have quite the incredible knight in shining armor of my own!) Johnny and I had so much fun!

My favorite part of the whole day might have been touring the Sleeping Beauty Castle. They had little vignettes showing different scenes from the movie and narrated the story using pages from the book! Oh it was AMAZING! 

I wanted to steal this statue and put it in my house! :)

Castle Hallway! So FUN!

The Peter Pan ride was absolutely magical, it was truly a fantastic experience. I was in awe of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride...It was intricate and flawless and terribly hard to describe, I am really not doing this magical experience any justice!

Johnny and I loved the Space Mountain ride. It was really neat because it was a roller coaster but it was pitch black and all you can see are the "stars" around you. What was fun was the uncertainty of how the roller coaster would turn or drop since you couldn't see anything!!

Oh it was just a great day. Johnny and I had a blast laughing, spending quality time together while in line and ooohing and ahhhing about how adorable all the little kiddos around us were. Johnny and I enjoyed dreaming of someday when we can take our kids to Disneyland.
I wish I was wearing a pretty pink flowing dress right now!
Royal Coronation Ceremony...we learned how to dance, curtsey and follow our hearts. It was adorable! Lord Bless Johnny for his patience!
We rode the Mark Twain Steamboat!

No more toad kissing for me, I found my prince Charming! (See next pic) HAHA!

Johnny is so strong, he almost got the sword from the stone :)

I have to say, we had some interesting people watching moments. There was this one couple waiting next to us for about 45 min in the Finding Nemo ride...I don't even quite know how to describe them. They were maybe 15-16 years old and they were completely and totally OBNOXIOUS. The entire 45 min they remained in constant physical contact with one another. They were hideously touchy-feely and there were at least two dozen occasions that Johnny had to stop me from launching into my spiel about healthy dating relationships, not finding your identity and boys and how swapping spit and booty grabbing while in line at Disney is wildly inappropriate. Ahhhh!
(don't worry...we were sneaky, I was holding up cotton candy so it looked like we were taking a pic of that)

We stayed at the park from 10am-11pm It was a LONG but incredible day! I am so thankful to the Falk Family for giving me the tickets for my birthday and feel very blessed that My Prince was so willing to be a trooper and embrace his fiancee's childlike behavior! At the end of the night, my jaw literally hurt from grinning ear to ear!

It's a small world!

King Arthur's Carousel
Dumbo's flying elephant ride! 

Twas a Magical day at Disneyland!

Love, Prayers and Pixie Dust

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