Friday, April 29, 2011

Acton Town Forest and "Egg" Pan

I Love Rainy Day Hikes!

 My weekend visit to Acton was uneventful, but fun! Johnny and I spent Friday night laying around, watching Lost and eating frozen pizza...very low key, but just what we were in the mood for!

 It was a rainy Saturday! Sooo, we decided to continue to lounge around the apartment, make pancakes and enjoy some quality time together! By late afternoon, we were ready for a change of scenery and we decided to go on a drive. Our drive turned into a rainy day hike when we found a neat trail we wanted to explore! 

It was really wet and muddy, but that made it that much more fun! We took turns "foraging" through the  forest. I just looked up the definition for foraging, apparently it means: the acquisition of food by hunting, fishing, or the gathering of plant matter. Well, that is not "our" definition...when we say foraging we are referring to the navigation through sticks, mud, fallen trees and rocks in attempt to keep feet dry and not fall into obstacles or the three terrors of the fire swamp...Flame Spurt, Lightning Sand, 
Rodents of Unusual Size (Princess Bride Anyone?) 

There was one point when no amount of skillful "foraging" was going to save my tootsies from the standing Mr. gave me a piggyback ride--So kind! There were also some fallen logs laying parallel to each other over a mud pit, we practiced "teamwork" skills we learned wayyy back at Wildwood (adventure/teambuilding camp) in elementary school and held hands while we balanced each other and made it across victoriously!

 Beautiful Barn next to the trail!

Does anyone else think there is a striking resemblance between Johnny and The Beast in this picture? Perhaps it is just me...
Sometimes Johnny likes to trick me into thinking he is going to kiss me on the cheek then shoes his teeth just like Beast. Its okay, like Belle, I can put up with it and see his "inner beauty"

We woke up on Easter Sunday and went to church, then did a little grocery shopping. My Easter present from Mr. was this cute little individual egg frying pan! Oh the little things in life that make me happy! Haha, It was better than any old Easter Egg hunt, for it allows me to enjoy delish, perfectly round eggs any time of the year! :) Johnny laughed at me the whole time he took these pictures...


Mr. and I REALLY want to get a puppy, but until further notice the only pets in our life are on Johnny's TV screen saver...I named the fish (from L to R) Buttercup, Sugar Plum Fairy and Warrior. They make a great trio! Pa-Hahaha!

On our way to the Acton Town Forest, located basically in Mr's backyard, we dropped off some recycling at the recycle center his apartment complex has! Naturally, I snapped a pic because I have some odd obsession with capturing the little daily things in life!


 Johnny and I took a leisurely stroll through the forest and talked about our childhood. We dreamed together about how fun it will be to experience childhood from the perspective of parenthood. We laughed about how much he and I still LOVE imagination, adventure and playing games. Basically, we secretly hope that we will get plugged into a cool small group/church community with "child-like-heart-people" like us so we can invite them over for a BBQ then play capture the flag in the forest. We even scouted out a PERFECT dividing line and two home bases!

And the childish behavior continues...

Before I knew it, the weekend was over and it was time to say goodbye! It was a short but sweet weekend!

Love and Prayers, 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Beginning of the End and Missing

Hello, Just wanted to stop by and say hello! I am feeling a little "blah" tonight and not quite up for a full post and weekend update. Johnny and I had a great time...but we (mostly me) had a horrible time saying goodbye. It never really gets easier, but it has been awhile since I shed that many tears. Sorry for the small pity party...ugh. Long distance engagements are stinky. Traveling after saying goodbye to your love is awful!! I always feel so awkward going through security with blotchy face and red eyes...I am sure I look like such a mess. On a somewhat related side note, all of this gives me the MOST respect and compassion to women who have loved ones who are serving our country and are deployed. I can't even imagine being in their shoes and I just wanted to take a second to acknowledge how much I appreciate their sacrifice. *THANK YOU*

More emotional times up ahead as well...tonight was the "beginning of the end" of college. It was the first of many lasts that will come in the next few weeks. Tonight was the last chapter of the year and my last chapter ever. It was so strange to go through the ritual I have done a million times and think that this is the last time! Luckily my sweet friends knew it was a tough night for me, so we decided to head over to our *new* favorite mexican joint for some chips, salsa and drinks.

A few kappa picture memories...

I will give a longer more elaborate update tomorrow...for now, I am going to go find a blanket and make Chelsea play with my hair while we catch up on things we have DVRed!

Also, tomorrow is my last day with the fourth graders! That is so strange! Time has just flown by! I am so excited about the culmination of our unit tomorrow, I will be sure to share all the fun details!

Love and Prayers,

P.S. Just read this post over again. Talk about stream-of-consciousness! Sorry I was a bit all over the place! Have a wonderful night!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Dorothy Shoes and Fancy Potty

I have good news and bad news...(but really not that bad).

bad news: the "Big Computer" is broken and I can't access all my embarrassing pics that I have stored up of the bridesmaids I have known the longest. Lucky for them, because we all had some AWKward middle school years. :)

good news: I found my computer cord smashed at the bottom of my over-packed suitcase. Huzzah! Now you get to see silly mirror pics of all my teacher outfits of the week and my cah-razy kappa friends before we went to Houlihans for appetizers on Wednesday!

There were lots of funny kid moments this week, but I was too busy actually teaching to write them down--and at the ripe age of 21 my brain has failed me and I can't remember them now. I promise to do better next week :)

We didn't have chapter this week so we decided to head down the street to Houlihans and enjoy some yummy food, drinks and wonderful conversation! Here is us outside the Kappa was being balanced on the dumpster---ya know, we keep it kappa classy :)
Left to right: Shelbi, Ashley, Me, Allison (Fun fact: Allison and I have known each other since we were babies! We both have twin brothers and our parents met at "Twins Club")

Tuesday's Outfit 
Khaki Pants (Target), Yellow Shoes (Target), Belt (Target), Checkered Shirt (Target)....are we sensing a theme here? 

Wednesday's Outfit
*New* Black Capri Pants (my "Easter Gift") (NY and Co), Argyle Sweater (I don't remember--some outlet), Black Wedges (Urban Outfitters)

Thursday's Outfit
Green and White Skirt (Target), Brown Wedges (Payless), *New* Jacket (also "Easter Gift"...Thanks Mom!) (NY and Co)

I am writing this post from the Boston Logan Airport waiting for the Fiance to come get me! We changed our plans from meeting in the city to him picking me up because my flights got delayed a zillion times and we are both feeling more like a "veg night" than an "out on the town night". So, current plans include take out and watching LOST on Netflix. I can't wait to give him a BIG hug and kiss...I miss that boy!

Okay, so I am hoping this isn't TMI for the bloggy blog...but I just had to make note of the ridiculously fancy potties that they have in the Chicago airport (where I had my big fat layover/delay). I mean, maybe these are the "norm" for some of you folks...but I was baffled! It was like magic!!

Wave hand over symbol...over changes...brand new cover...
No flimsey paper covers, trying to drape seat carefully in TP or squatting. Wow. Welcome to the next generation of public restrooms folks!

 While waiting for my flight to leave, I kept busy flipping through wedding magazines, reading "The Book Of Lost Things" (for an online class) and spying on the most adorable little girl who was sitting next to me.

While pretending to be messing with settings on my camera (didn't want Mom to think I was a creeper), I snapped this quick pic of her ADORABLE ruby red slippers! I instantly went back to my childhood, where I would play Wizard of Oz, click my heels together, ask my Dad to braid my hair into "Dorothy Braids" and skip around singing "Follow the Yellow Brick Road". She was just too cute munching on her lollypop and watching the planes take off out the window!

I thought I would be in Boston by 2:00 so I ate the Larabar I packed wayyy early on...with all the delays I knew I would need a snack to tide me over and I indulged in an Auntie Annes Pretzel. Oh-so-good!

Well Folks, that's all I got for you today! Hopefully Johnny will be pulling up to the airport any minute...I am so excited for our "night in". 

TGIF...Have a good one!

Love and Prayers, 

So Tell Me...

Do you still get butterflies in your tummy when you are going to see your loved one after a long time?

(My tummy is currently doing flip flops and I am getting more and more giddy by the moment!)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Oh No and Boston Bound!

I haven't done a full on search, but I can't find my camera cord *oh-no* bloggers worst nightmare. Shoot. I hope that It is somewhere in all much junk and I can somehow find it this evening.

Other thing on the agenda for tonight:
-TV watching
-Catching up with the 'rents
-Getting photos from the "big computer" featuring embarrassing childhood pics of my other bridesmaids...prepare yourselves.

Right now we are watching Modern Family. HILARIOUS! I can't decide what I like more, Modern Family or Bethenny Ever After. Lets just say that Modern Family is my favorite Sitcom and Bethenny Ever After is my favorite reality show. Honestly, both crack me up. Frankly, I feel like I know Bethenny. She is so "real" and "raw" she has the most adorable husband, Jason and sweet baby girl, Bryn. Every episode I end up doubling over in laughter and feeling like "I really know her" and she is my BFF. I know. Cah-razy! Then, Modern Family...I mean come on, the do they come up with this stuff! It is hysterical! If you haven't seen an episode of Modern Family... I demand that you visit stat and view the most recent won't regret it. Not to mention--side note: Cam went to KSU and is from the grand old state of Kansas, what more do you want people!?

In other news...

I am getting SO excited to meet Johnny in Boston tomorrow. I have been flying into Manchester, NH---but this time tickets were cheaper into Boston, So I arrive in the city around 2ish then Johnny will drive his car to the train station and meet me for some appetizers and drinks after work.

 I am excited to see my Mr, catch up about life and get some quality time together. Hopefully the travel part of tomorrow will pass by quickly and I will enjoy a few hours of exploring before meeting Johnny for din din.

Have a WONDERFUL Easter weekend, Hopefully, If I find my camera cord you will be hearing from me soon about some fun "teacher" stories and more!

Love and Prayers,

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bridesmaid Erin and Spontaneous Song

There are SO many things I am going to miss about living in a sorority with 75 other girls. I was reminded of this fact only moments ago when my sweet roomie Emily and I were working on a project for her Education class and we heard a very beautiful voice across the hall singing..."Ch-ch-ch-ch-chaaaaaanges!" We immediately sing belted our lung out "turn and face the strain--Ch-ch-ch-ch-chaaaanges!" Needless to say, it was an ethereal moment of

Spontaneous song, random dance parties, hours and hours of Say Yes To The Dress recorded on our DVR. All of these moments will be so greatly missed when I have to say goodbye to this amazing mansion we live in and get to call home.

In my short three years of college I have met some amazing ladies. Tonight, you will have the opportunity to meet my dear friend Miss Erin White...

I don't even know how I can begin to "introduce" you to Erin. Words are so insufficient to describe the beautiful woman that she is inside and out. Erin is someone you can call up any or night--and she will pick up the phone and know in an instant exactly what to say. She is someone who will get excited with you at the drop of a hat, when the news is good and you need a cheerleader. She is also the first to join you in shedding a tear when the news is disappointing, frustrating or sad.

We met during sorority recruitment. One of her friends was in my "Rush Group" and I remember initially feeling intimidated by this leggy blonde bombshell who was "destined to be a Kappa". I wanted Kappa so desperately and heard through the grapevine that this "Erin-girl" was a shoe-in. I only hoped that I could be as cool as her and somehow get a bid from the KKG's as well!
Sure enough, we both pledged Kappa and from there our friendship grew. We both joined the same campus ministry, Ichthus, and shared many similar interests. We both loved musical theatre, choir, organizing, schedules and "to-do" lists. (yup, we are's okay...we own it!).

We also spent an entire Friday Night driving Freshman New Members around Manhattan with all the windows down in my Camry and blasting my Disney Playlist at full volume! We made so many loops through town, and would drive past a particular group of people several times until we got the proper response we deserved (acceptable responses included: hoots, hollers, whoops, or even a good chuckle or weird look---unacceptable responses: being ignored, people trying to be "too cool for Disney")! This was a GREAT fact, if I recall...this memory was captured on film :) YES! *hope video works*

When it came time to choose roomies for second semester of our sophomore year I remember sheepishly sending Erin a text hoping that somehow she wouldn't already be "spoken for" and we could get to know each other even better. A few text messages later and it was official...we were going to be roommates!

Well the rest is history. Over that semester we developed the motto "Jesus and Caffeine," Made a zillion cups of "Trader Joe's Bay Blend" Coffee, danced to "Earth Wind and Fire" at least twice a week, sobbed together as we watched videos about human trafficking, planned the Loose Change to Loosen Chains Event and got each other through a tough semester of classes.

Erin has a beautiful soul. Her heart for others is something that both humbles and amazes me.With a deep care for the well being of those around her, she is intentional about relationships and finding time for deep conversation. In a word, Erin is Passionate.  Passionate about Jesus, Passionate about Friendships, Passionate about Justice, Passionate about Africa, Passionate about Peace and Passionate about life.

I am thankful for the blessing and inspiration she is to my life. I am thankful that she has agreed to be my bridesmaid and stand by me in 255 days (but who's counting).

Have a wonderful Thursday (for 15 more minutes) and a great Friday!

Love and Prayers,

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bridesmaid Chelsea and Rainy Day Blues

I have a bad case of the Rainy Day Blues. It has been so nice and "spring-y" here and then today the clouds and cold rolled in. Rainy Days are great when you get to stay in PJ's, read and drink hot tea, but since none of those things were in the day's schedule I caught the blues. Today we didn't teach any lessons, just observed and helped out our cooperating teacher. It made for an easy day, no pressure or anything--but boy did the day drrrrrrag on. Not to mention I am just missing Johnny. I try not to whine about it too much because we are so blessed--but oh my word--it is just not that fun to do long distance. I am so ready to be married and not have to say goodbye anymore. Ugh. End rant, I promise! On the bright side, I do get to join Johnny for Easter this weekend, and can hardly wait!

Tonight, I am introducing you to the one and only...Chelsea Jacobsen. On a day like this...she is definitely a ray of sunshine that adds SO much laughter to my life. Earlier this evening I was making a Microwave Cookie and she insisted that I "teach" her to make them. I rolled my eyes (yes, I have my sassy moments) and told her, "They are SO easy- there is no 'teaching' involved at all...All you do is put oats in a bowl, a splash of vanilla, sugar if you want and an egg white, mix, microwave. done!"

Simple right? Riiiiiiight. It would be, if you knew which part of the egg was the yolk and what part was the white (Come on Chels, You had to know that was getting blogged about!). After I teased her relentlessly about the egg WHITE being the NON-YELLOW part of the egg, she insisted that she was "just checking" because she didn't want to mess it up. The cookies turned out loverly, I am pleased to say...and we had a good laugh or two along the way.

Honestly, Chels is just fun to be around. We met our freshman year of college, but didn't get close until the end of last year. She always teases me about the first time we had a conversation. It was the night of initiation and all the Kappa pledges were spending the night at the house. We sat in the hallway and talked about relationships, faith, life--ya know, some pretty deep stuff. It was a great conversation and I remembered enjoying myself and thinking "I like this girl, we could be great friends" but didn't think much more about it. Well, a few days later Chelsea wrote on my facebook wall:

I am not a huge facebook-writer-backer so apparently I didn't write back, ooooor remember her name super duper well, and basically made her feel like we weren't friends at all. While all unintentional, I can see why she thought I was being a brat!

She still likes to throw this in my face occasionally about how we had this great convo and she thought we were like *this* but I was not on the same wavelength. Clearly, I came around...realized her awesomeness, remembered her name, had a bazillion more amazing conversations and now she and I are like *THIS* and she is a stinkin' Bridesmaid in my wedding! Hopefully, she now sees that our friendship means so much to me and I am incredibly thankful for the blessing she is in my life. 

Chels? Can you believe I am holding a cat in this picture? See. I must really love you!

I can't "introduce Chelsea" without telling you about our experience at a Bridal Fair this summer. Even though I wasn't engaged in August I had this sneaking suspicion (after 4+ years of dating) that Johnny and I would be getting married soon (I know, call me crazy...right?)--Anyway, so we went to a bridal fair. The cast of characters included: Chelsea, My Mom (Debz), Erin, Hollie (you will "meet" them later) and Myself. Now, for those of you who have never been to a bridal fair, let me paint a picture for you. You get there, are handed huge bags stuffed with junk information from various venders: packets, ads, post cards, magazines, invitation samples and more. There are people at the doors handing out stickers for the brides to put on their shirts so that the vendors at the booths know who to single out to talk to. I didn't want to be the only "Bride"(remember I am not even engaged at this point) so Chelsea also got a sticker, then we went on our way!

Holy Moly there were a ton of different booths. Our group loved the cake tasting booths (duh) and the photo booths the best. There was one point when Chelsea and I kinda got separated from Hollie, Erin and My Mom. Before we had time to escape, we were approached by a flamboyant hotel manager who exclaimed (think Frank from Father of the Bride), "Oh my god, what have we here... two friends are Brides together?" Chelsea and I gave each other a mutual "go for it" look and went on to tell him all about "how fun it was to be best friends planning a wedding at the same time and how our fiance's were good friends too and had talked about the engagements together...etc...etc.." We laid it on THICK. It was hilarious and we could barely contain our laughter long enough to duck around the corner. I was so impressed with Chelsea's dramatic improvisation skills--out of nowhere her "fiance" had a name, they had an engagement story and he was "semi-involved in the wedding planning process but she got the final say". Basically, It was epic! Only Chelsea!

Adventures at Hollie's in Weskan

Always up for a spontaneous adventure, Chels is a wonderful person to hang out with while procrastinating. I can't count the number of times I have come to her room and said, "I'm bored/sad/sick of homework/stressed...wanna go on a Sonic Run/ Walk /Drive". She drops whatever she is doing and says "Ya, I'm game" then we are off!
Formal 2010

Chelsea is probably one of the best listeners that I have ever met. I am so thankful for that quality in her. She is always the first to ask how my day has been and genuinely cares to hear the answer that follows. When someone she knows walks into the room, she lights up and greets them with a huge hug and smile. It may sound like a little thing, but the excitement that she shows--just for seeing someone she loves makes you feel so treasured. 

Formal 2011

Again, I am so thankful for Chelsea. I am thankful for her sweet friendship and can't wait to see her standing next to me on the day Johnny and I become Husband and Wife! 

Love and Prayers,

Monday, April 18, 2011

Week[end] Update and Kappa Formal

Sorry about the little siesta, It was quite a busy week! 

First things first, Greek Idol was SO much fun! My parents and Johnny's mom made the trip up to Manhattan to watch! Although the sound system was average and they forgot to turn Hazen's mic on for the first few verses,  we got SECOND place and had a blast! I am crossing my fingers that this video below will work!

My Dad brought my Lilacs from the Lilac Bush outside my window at home! Lilacs are probably my favorite smell in the whole wide world! It makes me think of spring turning into summer!

Sorry, a bit blurry---this is what I wore for Greek Idol:
(Skinny Jeans (Gap), Silver Shirt (TJ Maxx--borrowed from Anna), Black Wedges (Urban Outfitters))

Random Teacher Outfits from last week.

Gray Dress (Target) Light Green Flats (Payless)

Brown Sweater (Gap), Floral Skirt (NY&Co), Brown Wedges (Payless)

Thursday Night all of us Teachers gathered over at Amanda's to enjoy some homemade enchiladas (Thanks Ashley!) and celebrate the official end of our Unit Planning! Horray!!! They are TURNED IN!

Amanda's Air Freshener has a name. Hilarious. 

Then I met up with one of my roomies from last semester, Shelbi and we had a wonderful time catching up over coffee and live music at Bluestem Bistro. The one and only Laura Wetzel was playing and was amazing as usual!

Friday night I grabbed some pizza with friends at AJ's then hunkered down for the night. It was stormy out and perfect for a Skype date with Mr. and watching some LOST. Johnny and I both have  Netflix now and we have been watching the TV show LOST. We never saw it the "first time around" when it was airing on TV but have enjoyed slowly  quickly working our way through the seasons. It is ADDICTING! One good and bad thing about it being on Netflix is when they leave you in suspense at the end of an episode you can just click "next". Needless to say, I have stayed up past my bedtime a night or two because I just couldn't wait to see what happened! It was about as good of a "date night" as you can have when you are 1, 500 miles away from each other. We even set up skype and tried to press "play" on Netflix at the same time so we could "watch it together" and discuss what was happening. We are such dorks. 

The weather outside this weekend was pretty pretty! I enjoyed iced tea outside and saw the most adorable puppy on the patio of Bluestem!

He was 9 weeks old and I contemplated pulling a Cruella de Vil and snatching him because he was just too cute!

I got some wedding "to-do's" checked off my list and flipped through the Martha Stewart Wedding Magazine. Those wedding cakes on the cover were staring me down, so I indulged in a slice of carrot cake! Mmm!

Before long, it was time to head back to Kappa and get ready for our Formal Date Party! I was sad that Mr. wouldn't be there to dance the night away, but it ended up being okay because most of my pledge class was going stag! We had a blast getting pretty, taking tons of pics and then going out for cheap mexican food in our formal dresses...we got a few strange looks!

So thankful to live with lots of pretty ladies with pretty dresses. I got to borrow this dress from Emily...does she have good taste or what? Silverish goldish shoes are mine from Tar-Jay last year!

Ummm, So there was a huge cow statue outside the Mexican Restaurant...well it is Manhattan, KS...what do you expect!

The right 6 roomies from last semester!

I have b-e-a-utiful friends!

We ended the weekend with a long leisurely walk around the neighborhood, ending at the park where we acted like little kiddos and played on the playground!

 Growing up is so over-rated!

Strange twisty-ma-bobber...they definitely didn't have this "high-tech" playground equipment when I was little!

Hope that you all had a splendid weekend too!

Love and Prayers,

So Tell Me...

What is/was your favorite playground/park activity...Swings? Slides? See-Saws?