Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Children Forever and Sneaky Surprises!

I am feeling very blessed. I have been so excited to get to write this post! Since Johnny moved out to California at the end of June the Lord has provided two amazing weekends that I got to fly out to CA and see my guy! The first weekend was long awaited and desperately needed. It had been almost seven and a half weeks since we had seen each other and it seemed even longer because those weeks spanned Johnny beginning work and the crazyness that is work week and recruitment week at Kappa. Because of those things our phone dates were scattered and we were thirsting for some extended "catch up" time!! We were excited to get some quality time together, celebrate my birthday and have some fun adventures!

I can't even tell you the butterflies that were settled in my tummy when I walked out of terminal and saw Johnny! He looked so handsome in his work clothes and glasses. It was strange, running up to him and hugging him felt wonderful but different--it was like hugging a stranger, in a good way, not a bad way. Oh my word. I am not describing this well, but basically it was amazing! Haha. Oh goodness. 

Johnny was so sweet to plan a special evening for us. I got in really late, but he had ordered a pizza from a new local pizzeria, he also made a caesar salad and had surprised me with my favorite dessert--Strawberry Shortcake! I was impressed at his baking skills! Soon after dinner he gave me my 21st birthday gift, a Sandlot edition leather baseball glove and a precious book about skills every child needed to know. He went on to explain that it is really important for us to always be able to share fun times together and keep young hearts. He told me that he picked out a baseball glove because playing catch was something we could always do together, no matter where or how old we were. He explained all of this much better and I am sure I am not giving it justice at all but it was very special and meaningful. I am so thankful for the care that he puts into making me feel treasured!

Some other hi-lights from my first California trip were:
We got to watch the sunset over the ocean at this neat park Johnny found, then we had a chance to "be kids" and play catch. We traded gloves because mine really needed breaking in and I was kinda a wimp. I used Johnny's old childhood glove because I needed all the help I could get! 

Stunning sunset! God is a master artist!

What a cutie!

Okay, here is a hi-light for you, I don't know if you can tell, we were trying to be sneaky--but there is a couple behind me in this picture who have a DOG STROLLER. It is all incased in mesh stuff and has a basket on the bottom for the dogs food and water bowl. This little dog was so pampered and yippie. Johnny and I could not believe our eyes. Only in Orange County...Ugh. Maybe we "midwesterners" don't fit in so well here!

This was at the Old Orange International Street Fair. We had a blast people watching and watching all the different cultures dance and have fun. There was fun music and great food!

At the street fair!

This was the greatest little adorable cupcake place. Johnny bought me some mini cupcakes so I could sample the creative flavors! Yummmmmy!

This last weekend was SOOOO amazing. Basically, I decided to embrace spontaneity a few weeks ago and buy a cheap ticket to California at one in the morning. I kept this purchase super secret from Johnny and had a BLAST surprising him!

My master plan was to somehow get Johnny to be on Skype Friday morning so that I could see his face when I told him that I would be in his arms later that day! The problem is, Johnny is a very busy guy and has almost no time in the mornings, we have never skyped in the morning before, so it would have been strange to out of the blue ask him to get on. This is when the scheme began...Thursday night the roomies and I watched P.S. I Love You. Johnny knows how I melt down upon watching this movie...let me paint a picture of what I mean by "melt-down" envision: uncontrollable sobbing with snot and tears mingling as I mop my face up with kleenex after kleenex and mumble: "How would it feel to loose the love of your life"...basically, in a word: PATHETIC. Soooooo, knowing that Johnny is well aware of the effect this movie has on me (oh dear, the first time I watched it...hysterics, but that is another story entirely), I used this to get him to agree to chat in the morning. I called him in somewhat "meltdown" mode telling him "how frustrated I am that the internet isn't working and how it might be better in the am when less people were on and I just needed to see his face in the morning and would he please please please get on skype while he ate breakfast so I could just see him?" I laid it on THICK (totally deserved an academy award).

The next morning, being the amazing boyfriend he is, he got on skype. I am sure he was relieved I was no longer in psycho-girlfriend-mode, anywho. We chatted a bit, then I asked "How many days left til we see each other? He replied, "I think 21 or 22, but check the countdown" (we made a countdown on my phone when we drove to the airport last time). I knew that this was coming so I held up the countdown to the screen and it read 0000!

He was shocked and I said, "Sooo, are you busy tonight? Would you mind picking me up at the airport?"


He was so happy, I was so happy...and I just couldn't wait to see him that night when I finally landed at 11:15!!!

This past weekend was such a blur, it went by way to fast!! Saturday we went exploring, drove to 8 Mexican restaurants in search of a "La Fiesta" of Orange County, no such luck, cheap mexican of Manhattan, KS is just hard to beat! We also went to the movie "The Town" pretty good! Sun bathed at the pool and stayed up wayyyy too late talking. Sometime after two in the morning we both realized we were starving and went on a late night excursion to Del Taco for 39 cent tacos...disgusting...yes, satisfying...yes!

Sunday we went to Kimmie's Coffee Cup, our official new favorite breakfast joint, and walked around Old Orange. We found a cute antique store that had tons of old children's books and took a trip down memory lane. The rest of the day we relaxed, took a nap then headed off to LA to explore a bit before I had to catch my flight!

We went to this old mansion in LA that has been in a ton of movies. See if you can recognize it! It was in National Treasure 2, The Holiday and tons more! I wish we could have gone inside to take pics, but we loved touring the gardens and had fun peeking in a few windows.

The gardens were absolutely beautiful! 
Johnny is a total goofball, he took a series of "statue shots"
Annnnnd, what lies behind door number one. (wish I could tell you, but it was locked)

Johnny treated me to a very special and very nice dinner in Los Angeles before I had to catch my red-eye flight back to KS. The waiter sounded just like a french character from Ratatouille and said "'Ere you are Mademoiselle" as he handed me my menu...LOVE IT!
It was a splendid weekend full of fun! The best was that the whole weekend Johnny just kept saying over and over, "I can't believe you are here!"

Oh how I love being Sneaky,
Love and Prayers,

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Inquisitive and Top of the World

Belated Rush Week, Birthday and California Memories!

I wanted to post some pics from rush week and show off how BEAUTIFUL my Kappa Sisters are, as I was going through pics I realized I never got to blab about my 21st birthday which was made very special by some wonderful friends and boyfriend, so here are some very belated rush memories, birthday memories and california weekend memories...

Did I intrigue you from the title of my post? hmmm, yes, I am sure. Well without telling too much about Kappa's super secret rush process, let me just say that it was necessary at many points in recruitment week to come up with describing words about a loverly individual you had the chance to talk with. These adjectives of description are talked about a LOT and said over and over. Well, one such word which was excessively popular this year was Inquisitive. I happen to be of the camp that believes this is not a great one word description of a person unless they are like the next Sherlock Holmes! Basically my feeling is that it was hard to spell, annoying to write and obvious that a potential new member would be asking questions about the Kappa house. Anywho, that's my rush rant. Done. I promise.

Rush was a great time with my Kappa sistas! It was a blast to all be under one roof with no homework or extra obligations, needless to say my roomies and I, the right 6...filled up almost an entire "quote board" of inside jokes from that week alone! Haha!

I am so thankful that I have the best friends in the world. I thank the Lord every day for sisters who love and support me. I truly treasure these friendship and pray that I never take for granted the daily blessing that these women in my life are to me--they challenge me, lift me u pin prayer and encourage me so much in my walk with Jesus!

August 26th was a wonderful day from start to finish! I got to sleep in a bit then be treated to coffee by Chelsea. She took me to the DMV then over to Radinas for some yummy mochas and great conversation~

My sweet friends from the college of education took me out to lunch at bluestem bistro, my favorite! We ate yummy sandwiches and caught up on life! We are all killing block B, doing great and dreaming of our future classrooms! It was fun to get to spend time with them outside of our ususal setting, Bluemont Hall.
My dear roomie Shelbi and I hit up Sonic Happy Hour, always a must!

I forgot my camera for the next portion of my birthday but it was truly great. Meg and Laura took me to Houlihans for some delish dinner and great conversation. Meg and Laura are my oldest, dearest friends...they have been with me forever! Elementary, Middle, High, now is an amazing blessing to have such real friends who have been with you forever through thick and thin, I am thankful for them!

Hollie, Chels, Shelbi and Erin took me to go see the Cloverton concert at the Kathouse Lounge in Aggieville. We had so much fun laughing, taking pics, listening to great music and being silly! Chels even talked to the lead singer and had him with me a happy 21st! It was a great night, and only got better when they surprised me with a trip to top of the world to look at the stars and eat birthday cake! Oh my, my friends are just too good to be true. 

First to turn 21! No more X's! 

I will treasure forever the beautiful and humbling conversation we got to share at top of the world. We started a tradition where on each of our birthdays the rest of us go around in a circle and share what we admire, love and respect about the birthday girl. It is truly a blessing to hear deep encouragement from those you love the most! 

I almost forgot to mention, my birthday gift from the Falks and my wonderful parents. Johnny's mom and dad got us tickets to go to DISNEYLAND in November when I go to CA for Thanksgiving week, and my parents are paying for my flight out there in Nov. I am BEYOND BLESSED!!!

This post is already getting lengthy so I will add my CA pics and memories later on!


Love and Prayers, 

Katniss Costumes and Food on a Stick

The school year is off to a great start, and flying by at the speed of light! It is only mid September and already I have welcomed 40+ sweet Kappa babies into my heart, relaxed and recuperated from the crazy-exhausting Rush week, began my Block B Education, read the three Hunger Games books and ate the strangest food ever at the Kansas State Fair!
First of all, if you haven't read any of the Hunger Games Books by Susanne Collins, you really should add it to your "to read" list. They are amazing, fun reads about a girl named Katniss Everdeen who is a brave young heroine who competes in these Games, stands up for her family and community and is just a truly interesting and real character. It is a great read! I love reading series because I find myself getting so attached to the characters and it is nice to see them develop and have relationships build and further thoughout several books. I won't give anything away, but just want to say they are great and you should read them! Anywho, I am on a workgroup at K-State, called "K-State First" and we just got our proposal passed so it is no longer a pilot program but now an official addition to Kansas State! This is very exciting. I was a part of the K-State First program when it was a pilot program still in the fall of 2008. Since I am sort of a "product" of K-State First, I was asked to speak at the launch of the program a few weeks ago. It was such an honor! I got to speak along with the provost of the college and the dean of student life! Here is an excerpt of my speech:

When I think back to my freshman year a flood of memories envelop me: awkward first interactions while brushing my teeth in the dorms community bathroom, the nervous feeling in my stomach as I attempted to navigate my way to those first classes meanwhile desperately hoping no one would notice the campus map I had tucked into my planner, staying up way too late eating popcorn and laughing with my new college friends, and of course my amazing Great Books class. I was lucky enough to be a part of the First Year Seminar pilot program in the fall of 2008. Trust me when I say that this was an experience that significantly shaped the rest of my college career.

In a crazy time of transition, anxiety and uncertainty I was able to find true community. The “family” atmosphere was developed further with participation in the program wide co-curricular events. I know that those currently in k-state classes are looking forward to the Pozner event this week just as I excitedly anticipated the Election Watch Party, and several other movie nights put on as a class. These events were things I enjoyed, times to share with the classmates that had become my friends. I can’t tell you how refreshing it was to walk into class at 10:30 every M,W, F to a group of individuals who not only knew my name and face; but also who I was, where I was from and what I cared about. The value of this is indisputable, and is the single most important element that helped bridge the gap from high school to college.

K-State First gave me the opportunity to cultivate stronger communication skills as we engaged in high-level discussion and debate on a daily basis. By selecting engaging and stirring literature, our instructor was able to facilitate a dynamic learning environment, which made class exciting and unforgettable. At least once a week I find myself thinking back to Great Books my freshman year, often it is because I have encountered some literary allusion that would have escaped me prior to that course, or occasionally it is because I run into a former classmate, always, when this thought crosses my mind a smile plays on my lips as I recall the gift I received through the chance to participate in the K-State First program. It is an honor to speak today, rewarding to see the efforts of our K-State First Work-Group come to fruition and exciting to anticipate the many lives that will be impacted by the launch of this program. I know I was certainly one of them.

The launch went really well!! We also sponsored a few community events like a Hunger Games release party for the 3rd book, Mockinjay. So Naturally my Kappa friends and I had to embrace a chance to dress up and look silly...hence, the beauty of tulle from Walmart and running tights! We were four mini "Katniss Everdeen's" complete with our little cardbord mockingjay pins...HILARIOUS! We ended up winning runner up in the costume contest and winning a gift card to the Union! It's all about MAKING MEMORIES!

More fun memories were made during the splendid road trip to the loverly town of Hutchinson, Kansas. HUTCH OR BUST! We stayed at the Sasse residence, had tons of laughs, enjoyed people watching at the Kansas State Fair, and sampled just about every food at the fair. We passed on the 2010 featured food item, a crispy creme donut hamburger. SICK! However, we did enjoy (collectively)...
fried snickers, corn on the cob, fried pickles, pronto pup, kettle corn, root beer float, icee, fried oreos, and hand squeezed lemonade! Whew, we may have had some tummy aches on the way home! We returned Saturday to cheer the Cats on to a victory! Twas a beautiful weekend with beautiful friends!!
Every Road Trip must start with a Sonic Happy Hour run!
Pretty Fair Lights on Friday Night

Emily jumped out of the car and ran across a bridge, yep this is normal behavior!

Friends at the Fair, eating food on a stick!

Yep, we are from KS...gotta love that scarecrow!

Delish Corn!! MMMMM!
All my roomies cheering on the Cats!

Having a Blast!

Love and Prayers,