Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cheap Shoes and CA Moves

Feeling pretty clever about the title of this blog post, if I recall shoes and moves would be considered a half rhyme...or at least that is what I learned in 10th grade language arts class. Smiles. Oh, and you have to read nearly the whole post in order to understand the significance of the cheap shoes line...Pretty dang funny!

This is my post about the splendid road trip that the Falk family and I took in a mere two days from Kansas City to Anaheim, CA. We booked it! Once we arrived the craziness began, we got Johnny and Joe settled into their apartment-buying furniture, groceries, cooking essentials, decorative touches and every-day basics. We ran tons of errands and did lots of driving to get the "lay of the land" but we also had a chance to do some sight-seeing and have some fun dates too. The Falk's stayed through the long weekend then headed back to KC, I was so blessed and spoiled to have a whole week with Johnny to myself. We got to explore a little bit and spend some quality time together before this extended time of distance. I really treasured the moments we got to share. I really enjoyed having some time to relax and do some of the things I love while he was at work; reading, baking and cooking...Johnny sure didn't mind enjoying the results of my baking and cooking endeavors-- I think Johnny averaged 6 chocolate chip cookies a day (don't worry they are small...kinda).

Awww, typing all this is making me sad and missing. Though skype is our new best friend it is still not the same as being together face to face. I sure covet your prayers that this time with grow us and that it would pass quickly. I am already counting down the days til Labor day when we get to see each other again! Anyway, enough of that--don't want to start the water-works...

Here are some pics and more stories of the fun times in California!

Had to take a pic of Loveland Pass... :)

Okay, Favorite town ever--Olde Orange. It is so precious. There is a town square with a fountain, tons of antique shops and cafes, and an adorable cupcake shop...We went on a fun afternoon date here and ate at "Two's Company Cafe" We had yummy turkey pesto panini's Mmmm. Basically, this town is my favorite little California "spot" it makes me feel like I am in Star's Hollow (Gilmore Girls, anyone...anyone?). Also, Johnny bought me an adorable apron at one of the shops...incentive to cook for him, possibly...did it work?...YES!
The Falk boys at Newport Beach, It was actually pretty chilly...just put our feet in!

Fun Artsy Pic I took walking in Newport Beach, CA. Love the colors, It feels very vintage-y and patriotic!

Arrested Development...anyone? Frozen Banana Stand! 

Out to dinner on the Fourth of July to a wonderful Italian restaurant. Such a fun atmosphere! 

Went to San Diego the last day the Falk's were here. We had a picnic and toured the Hotel Del Coranado...I love this pic!

I can't remember what beach this was, but it was so pretty...and soo windy, the waves were getting huge!

The last Saturday I was in town Johnny surprised me with such a fun date. He told me to wear athletic-y clothes and bring something to change into later. He didn't tell me where we were going, we started hiking and a few miles later, we were at the Hollywood sign. It was such a fun surprise and the date was one of the best ever!

Just a bit away from the Hollywood sign was a trail leading to the original cave used in the first Batman movies and TV show, soooo naturally we HAD to go see it!

Then Johnny and I changed clothes and drove around LA. He surprised me again and we went to Beverly Hills. We took a pic next to this "Famous Tree" right off of Rodeo Drive. 

***Now I have to pause for a moment and tell the "cheap shoes" story (which will explain the title of this blog-post) I hope that I can do it justice in writing, for those of you who know me well, do try to imagine my facial expressions and vocal inflections as you read this! *smiles*.

Okay, so here Johnny and I are two midwesterners totally out of place "window shopping" on Rodeo Drive. Try to picture it, all around us are stores in which we could not afford to buy a pair of socks much less a true article of clothing. Their are Bentleys and Rolls Royce cars parked along the streets...we are totally trying to play it cool. I'm not sure if you can see in the pic but I am wearing a jean dress from target, green cardigan from TJ Maxx and Silver/Cork wedges. We are stopped at a crosswalk on Rodeo Dr. and a young woman decked out in a "glam" outfit and carrying several shopping bags stops me and says, 

"You must tell me, who makes your shoes"-lady

(awkward nervous laugh) "Ummm, Payless?!?!"-me

(Crickets....crickets...) "Oh wow, (disbelieving facial expression, can't quite grasp the words that just came out of my mouth) Well you can't tell, they look quite expensive"-lady

"Ummm Thanks, yep, I think they were $7...Haha, all about the knock-offs"-me

"yes, well...they are cute" (awkwardly hustles off)-lady

Johnny and I erupt into laughter as we marvel about the encounter we just had. It is rare in our circle of friends and acquaintances to ever hear the words "who makes your-___", in our world we say "where did you get/buy____" Haha. It is crazy...what was she expecting me to say, Jimmy Choo, Prada... Anyway, we got quite a laugh...and it reaffirmed my point, no one can tell if it was $7, or $700--Thank you very much! 

The fun night continued when we got to eat at "The Farm of Beverly Hills" (this is Josh Groban's fave restaurant...yes I know, I am a stalker...but it was so fun. I kept hoping he would walk in!)
Johnny's Living Room!
Johnny's Bedroom!

Alright folks, that is about all I got for you. Tune in next time for an update on the room renovation and the fun girls weekend!

Love and Prayers,

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Blogging Failures and Attempted Updates

Soooo, Blogging. Blogger. Maybe not my greatest success at life, yet I am hoping I can once again get back in the swing of things and start updating this crazy thing. While I am not banking on the fact that anyone reads this besides Hollie (Thanks for being faithful! You're the best), It would be nice to keep updated on life, and if nothing else just have a venue to process through things, post some pics and record memories.

Alrighteeeee, SO since I left you back in May I have:

Finished Spring Semester...Check
Watched Johnny Graduate...Check
Completed Staff Training at K2...Check
Counseled 11 Girls for 25 days at Kanakuk K2 T1...Check
Moved Johnny to Anaheim, CA...Check
Had Fun Adventures in CA...Check
Started Painting My Room in KC...Check

Yeppers, It has been busy.busy.busy. I am not quite sure how to explain in words how stinkin fun and amazing Kanakuk was this summer. I had an amazing Kabin of monthers. Most were going into their senior year of HS and one sweet gal is off to college in the fall. We had an incredible term of fun, memories and also growth and challenge to walk in greater intimacy with the Lord and align our lives to HIS Will and HIS Word. I had a wonderful Co who I was able to pray with and seek wise counsel from as together we mentored, encouraged, rebuked, loved, and comforted. God truly showed up in fantastic ways (He loves doing that)...and those 25 days were some I will never forget. Some hilights from term included two of our gals getting baptized, a great trip to K-Wild and some God-directed conversations that got to take place there, and a fantastic trip to K-Wet where our girls got to hear from godly men what they are looking for in a wife. This was such a special part of Kamp because literally before my eyes I got to watch these women come to realize that it is not their job to pursue, or throw themselves at some guy--instead they learned that in God's timing an amazing man will come into their lives and see the way they love the Lord and begin pursuing them, fighting a battle for their heart and affections. *end rant* . Can you tell I am equally passionate that ladies know about this divine plan for courtship? Haha. But seriously, Wet was a blast-we got to ski, hang out on the boats, do the challenge course, and bond completely as a Kabin with extended quiet/devo time! So fun. Kamp just flew by so quickly! Then before I knew it it was home for two days and then out to CA to move Johnny!

Johnny & I At Closings
Our Girls Singing At Flag!
Superdeal Trip! At The Blueberry Patch! Thundermuffins!
Having The Time Of Our Lives At K-Wet!
Katie And I At Galactica Spectacula!

Kampers (Megan and Carly) and I at K-Wet 

.....Stay Tuned For Stories & Updates From The California Trip... (I promise it won't be another 2 months until I update again)