Monday, May 10, 2010

Prom Hairdo's and Surprise!

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This weekend was fabulous. I got to come home on Saturday and do Emma's hair and makeup for prom, she looked absolutely fabulous. I enjoyed getting her ready for the dance and re-living all my highschool memories in the process. Here is a pic of her boyfriend, Andrew, and another couple they went with.

I got to spend some good time with my parents after the "dance pictures". We went to the restaurant "Blue Koi" I had the most amazing "almond chicken sundried tomato" noodle dish. Mmmmm! My tummy is hungry just thinking about it. 


The very best part of the weekend, however, came at approximately 10:55 yesterday morning, Mother's Day. Because of track season and other commitments Andrew hasn't been able to make it home at all since Christmas. Mom and Dad have seen him a few various times at track meets and such, but haven't had any real quality time with him. Soooo We made up a plan for Andrew to come visit and surprise Mom. The problem was, he and Anna (his amazing, beautiful girlfriend) were running a bit late. The plan was that we would continue getting ready for church, set to start at 10:45am, then right before we left he would show up...ta-da. Well, we had to figure out a way to stall from going to church because he was like 15 min away. So, in comes my acting skills from back in the day. I let a huge "melt-down" unleash about Johnny moving to California. I hug my Dad, act like I am crying, tell Mom that I am not ready for finals...I mean really, I pull out all the stops. Dad convinces Mom, lets just stay with Court a few minutes before she goes back to Manhattan for finals, she is obviously really upset and we can miss praise and worship and just go late. (understand, this is SO uncharacteristic for my Dad, typically HE is the one pushing us out the door, lets go! lets go! lets go! we have to be at church early. Ha!) Anyway, My "meltdown" subsides and I "remember" that I "left a Mother's Day gift" in the car. Well I open the door and in walk Andrew and Anna. My mom bursts into tears and jumps up to hug Andrew. There was not a dry eye in the room, we were all crying as we watched my mom embrace Andrew. It was the best surprise! WE DID IT! It was so fun to talk as we put back together all the pieces/hints/clues of everything we "tricked" her with that weekend.

We got to chit chat and have a yummy lunch, then I had to say my goodbyes and drive back to Manhattan for my finals today. I have my Core Teaching Skills final in an hour and fifty min. I better get back to the books, just wanted to check in and give the surprise update. We did take pics of my mom when she saw Andrew, but she doesn't want anyone to see them since she is crying hysterically...Well, I am sure you can picture it! Here is a pic of Johnny and Andrew on their hiking trip last summer instead! 

Love and Prayers,


Friday, May 7, 2010

Clipart and Sleepy Eyes

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So perhaps entering the world of blogging just weeks before the most crazy point of the school year was not the brightest of decisions, However, I am "back" at least for a week or two before heading to Kanakuk!

It is "Dead Week" here at K-State, a week which is not dead at all. Supposedly you are supposed to have a week to get prepared for finals without having to concentrate on studying for other projects, quizzes or test...well, this is certainly NOT the case. I have had two finals, a paper, a reflection and a quiz this week. Hmmm. 

Alas, It is Friday and I survived. Only one more week of school. What a peculiar feeling. This semester has flown by exceedingly fast. It seems like it was only yesterday that I was driving back to Manhattan in a blizzard just after the first of the year. This semester has been wonderful. I feel like I have learned so much and have really struck a good balance between school and friends. I am sitting in class typing this. My teacher is looking my direction, OOooooh Dear K-State English Class, how I am ready for you to be over. You are boring! You do no justice to the amazing literature you contain within, you simply suck the life out of me on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays from 11:30-12:20. But you shall take my time no more! For in 10 min I will be done with this class forever! Hahaha!

Hmm. That was random. Typical of my life these days...RANDOM. Well, this is the most scatter brained post ever. Likely because I stayed up til 2 am planning lesson plans in preparation for my final today. Yep, I am working with just a touch over four hours of sleep. Never a good plan. Welp! I am off to go nap. Blessings to whoever made it to the end of this post!

Love and Prayers,