Monday, July 25, 2011

Wedding Work Day and Drexel Hall

With the wedding just around the corner (159 days...but who is counting) My mom and I decided that we needed to crank out some wedding errands, namely, looking for a mother of the bride dress, visiting the hall, scouting out a hotel for our guests. 

Here are some pics of our fun and productive day!

Found this little note from Daddy-o on the counter in the kitchen! 

The morning started with "the best coffee in town" HiHat!!

Then we went to Drexel Hall (the reception venue) to walk around and think about where to place the buffet, tables...etc.

I am obsessed with the beautiful brick building, built at the turn of the century! I didn't get any good pics of the inside, but I know we will be back several more times before December 31st!

In the foyer they have an old phone booth!

After Drexel, We visited the nearby Fairfield and reserved a block of rooms for our guests, I loved the cute color scheme the hotel had, it was nice, clean and close to the reception hall! Win, win, win!

We were pretty hungry and decided that we would enjoy some salads on the Plaza before heading off to find the mother of the bride dress!

Lunch at Houstons!


The rest of the day I did a bad job of taking pictures, basically we drove around and around mom tried on some dresses and we checked off lots of things on our "to-do" list!

I found a pretty pin to place on my bridal bouquet! LOVE IT!

It was a very fun day! Stay tuned for more wedding updates soon! :)

Love and Prayers, 


  1. I LOVE this post!! I'm glad you got some good stuff cranked out! :)

  2. When do we get to sit down and talk weddings?!?! I miss you!!!!!! I'm glad you had a productive day of planning...those always feel good!!!! :)