Thursday, July 28, 2011

Flowergirl Addison and Flowergirl Bryson!

Dishes are in the dishwasher, sink has been scrubbed and sanitized, floors vacuumed and counters wiped down. This "bachelor pad" of Johnny's was in need of a major clean sweep! I am taking a break before I get to work on the bathroom and laundry to introduce you to my ADORABLE Flowergirls!

 Meet Addison! She is my cousin Lindsey's daughter, and just about the most adorable peanut I have ever seen! The pictures above made me laugh because I am doing the same "tickle".

Addison and I at Megan's wedding

A few weeks ago Addison was in town and we had a blast! We went to Lawrence, where she fell in love with Jayhawks.

Visited Pottery Barn Kids and found lots of cute chairs and dollys.

Visited the farmers market, picked out a HUGE watermelon then got to work making watermelon balls. Addison was hysterical, she ate every scoop she made, got covered in watermelon juice and made quite a mess...such fun!

I got to re-live my childhood by visiting Fritz's, a restaurant where you order your food using a phone next to the booth, then watch as a train delivers your lunch! Addison drank almost a whole shake by herself!

I feel so blessed to have sweet Bryson as one of my flowergirls. She is the daughter of one of my mom's closest friends. When B was born, they only lived a few streets away and I would walk over to babysit all the time. I can remember rocking her to sleep in her comfy green chair and practicing my choir songs, singing her to sleep. 

We both love Disney Princesses

and pink cowboy boots (this is her as a flower girl in her uncle's wedding, so basically, she is already a professional FG)

Bryson has grown into a beautiful young lady and I know she will make the perfect flower girl!

(me asking B to be in my wedding...she said yes-yay!!)

While Addison was in Kansas City, we decided to get Bryson and her together to do a quick "run through" at the church. Lindsey gave us the idea to show Addison the aisle, have her walk down it and then take a video. Addison is "into" videos right now and will watch it over and over again--increasing our chances of her actually making it down the aisle on December 31st! She is not even TWO yet! 

Bryson was a great leader, she held Addison's hand and gave her instructions what to do "now you stand here" "now you walk this way" It was very sweet!

B was even nice enough to share a special book with Addison about being a flowergirl. It was a pretty special evening...can't wait for the big day!

As you can see, I am pretty blessed to have these cuties in my life and a part of my wedding party! Just wait til you see them in their adorable dresses! :)

Love and Prayers, 

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  1. I must say these are the cutest flowergirls ever even though I am prejudiced