Friday, July 22, 2011

Aldi and Pickle Juice

I am convinced that one can make any normal outing into an adventure. Case in point...our trip to Aldi's. My dear Grandma Betty is addicted to sweet pickles, when she heard that they were having a sale at Aldi's She convinced me and My Aunt Sue (mentioned here) to take here there. 

Knowing that with Grandma in tow this would not be a boing trip to the supermarket, Aunt Sue suggested bringing my camera to document and deemed this a "blog-worthy" errand. 

When Grandma told us she wanted to stop in for pickles, Sue and I thought, "Okay, sure she will probably get 1-2 jars of pickles since they are on sale, then we will be on our way. No need for us to get a cart, we will just put the jars in a sack and set them on Grandma's walker."  Little did we know, Grandma had planned on getting 10 jars of pickles. Before I could blink, at least seven jars of pickles were balancing precariously on the walker. I asked Aunt Sue for a quarter to run and get a cart. At Aldi you pay a deposit on your grocery cart, 25 cents to check it out, then you receive your quarter back when you return it--hilarious!

I returned with the cart, but it was too late! 

Clean up on the pickle aisle!!

Oh Well, as the saying goes,  no use crying over spilt...errr..pickles?

On we went, to the checkout counter, 10 jars of pickles safely in the cart!

You are not dreaming, the shopping cart of candy does indeed say 1 cent! (at that point I say--why bother, just give it away!)

Aunt Sue was right, our Aldi trip was anything but boring!
And once again we demonstrated her very favorite phrase: "A Baddy Turned Goody"
Baddy: We broke a jar of pickles
Goody: It makes for a good blog post


Love and Prayers,

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