Thursday, June 16, 2011

TLC Lineup and Mini Cini Waffles

I apologize. These summer posts are somewhat  greatly lacking in pizazz and personality. The goal here was/is to share some fun summer memories and keep this little bloggity alive while I am livin it up in Lampe, MO at Kanakuk. If you are highly unamused by my childhood summer antics, I don't blame you at all...come visit again around the first week of July when I return! :)

Okay, Mom, now I can safely assume that with the above disclaimer you are likely the only one still reading. I know that this little "summer series" is amusing to you because it reminds you of the glory years when we were all in elementary school :) Enjoy!

The usual schedule upon returning from the swimming pool or a morning of running around outside was to park it in front of the TV and have "rest time".  I remember one summer Emma and I became addicted to the morning lineup on TLC. Do any of you remember the fabulous lineup? Im pretty sure the morning started with an episode of "A Dating Story" followed by "A Wedding Story", perhaps an episode or two of "Trading Spaces" Re-runs then "A Baby Story". Inevitably, every day Emma and I would catch some or all of this line up and comment on the dress choices, arrangement of furniture and more. This was before the time when there were four zillion brides shows on TV so we LOVED watching the weddings and seeing what choices the brides made.

For some reason when I think about this line up I am also reminded of one of our favorite summer snacks, Mini-Cini-Waffles (disclaimer: not their actual name, but this is what we called them. Apparently they are actually "Eggo Cinnamon Toast") We went through boxes of these things!!  If you have never tried them, they are amazing and I highly recommend them- they are cinnamon-y-crispy and delish!

(always thought this was an awkward opening picture...strange!)

Love and Prayers,


  1. I'm still reading along with you...I am trying to fill the missing piece in my life...YOU!!!!!! :)

    I LOVED watching these shows too!!!! I would wake up in time so I could start eating breakfast when they began!!


    p.s. I agree on the awkward picture of the pregnant lady, I always thought it looked so fake!!

  2. Still reading too. I loved those shows as well, although I was in high school and college when watching them.
    My kids love those cinnamon toast waffles. I've never even tried them.