Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer Reading and Library Events

My mom did a great job of keeping us busy in the summers. When we weren't swimming or playing outside we were at the Dickenson summer movies, having a play date with friends or at the Johnson County Library. 

The library had many fun summer events, chances to see authors read their books aloud, or work on sock puppets and act out a children's book we had just read. There were arts and crafts, experiments and story telling. All of these experiences at the library helped me grow to love reading, as they made reading an active engagement rather than a passive activity. I remember how excited I was when my mom let me sign up for my own library card. I felt like the coolest person ever! I even had to sign the back of the card, about cool. Sure, it took longer at check out and was a hassle when Andrew, Mom and I each used separate library cards to check out our books, but it was worth it...we were so "grown up"!

Every summer we got a list of suggested on or slightly above grade level reading. I loved to read and would always work my way through the list, crossing out the ones that I had already read and circling my next pick! 

The Johnson County Libraries had this little reward system for summer reading that after you read each book and your parent signed off on it, you got to put a sticker on a chart, and would recive prizes and privileges at various benchmarks.

I have strog memories of going to the library on rainy days, then returning home for a bowl of kraft macaroni and cheese. The rest of the afternoon I spent curled up with my book, or perhaps watching one of the VHS movies we checked out of the library. To this day I still love mac and cheese and reading on rainy summer days!

Love and Prayers, 

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