Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Shopping Fair and Handy Holders

I can't believe how quickly my time in fourth grade went by! It seemed like I barely blinked and we were teaching the last day of our economics unit. 

It was quite a fun day, I beamed with pride as I walked around the room, observing and asking questions about what the "business teams" were selling, how they marketed the product, how they determined demand and what their business model was. 

The class was broken up into six "business teams", earlier in the unit they were given the opportunity to brainstorm what product they wanted to create out of a list of raw materials, then they surveyed their classmates, determined if the product would be "in demand" then spent the afternoon creating the product from scratch. I was AMAZED at the creativity the students showed! 

The "Looney"group made homemade cards for all occasions
The "Handy Holders" group made handy holders for extra school supplies
The "Wolf Mart" group made origami hamsters
The "Baby Group" made mini necklaces and bracelets
The "Wolves" made yarn and fabric parachutes
The "Tech" group made "Dell Computers" (made out of construction paper with your choice of screen, ex. Yahoo Kids Homepage)

Here are some pics of the "market shopping fair" in action, LOTS of economics going on here! 
(Student's faces not shown for privacy reasons)

 I love the "handy holder's" creative "COOL" holder!
Some Wonderful advertising going on here!

The "Wolf" group's parachute!

We did a lesson about using descriptive language in advertisements! Looks like a lot of learning was going on! I love the "New" and the quote "People say this together 'I love looney'"

Wanted poster advertisement for the parachute!

"Nobody can resist it"

"Totally need to buy these brand new bracelets and necklaces"
& "You're not imagining it"

Oh I was so proud! It was hard to say goodbye that afternoon, I got a lot of hugs and "I love you Miss Pennington"'s *insert heart melting here*

I can't imagine how difficult it will be to "send off" my kiddos next semester after student teaching, or worse when they really are my class! I am such a sap!

It was a great semester, I learned so much and will never forget those crazy, creative 4th graders!

channeling my inner "Miss Honey"
Dress (Target), Light Pink Cardigan (Gap circa 2003), Belt (can't remember, maybe TJ MAXX), Brown Wedges (Payless).

Love and Prayers,

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