Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fireflies and Magic

Catching Fireflies.

Hands down my favorite Summer pastime.

There is something so whimsical about fireflies, to me they mark the first true day of summer, when the air is sticky and humid, the glass of iced tea or lemonade of the deck is sweaty with condensation and unfortunately, the mosquitoes are in full force. For as long as I can remember I have loved fireflies, always eager to catch them in my little jar and enjoy their light for an evening.

I don’t know that I will ever outgrow the magic of fireflies. In my mind, these glowing creatures just represent Summer. I often tell Johnny that God speaks to me through fireflies. At first he sort of chuckled, but now I think he understands. Think about it. How cool, and amazing and awesome (AND FUNNY) is our God that while he was creating the universe he thought “Hey just for kicks, How about I create a Bug with a glowing bottom?” Ummmm…Preaty stinkin cool if you ask me. They are God’s form of glitter…a reminder to me that even though the Lord has much greater concerns, he still cares enough to create a little tiny firefly. Seeing fireflies just make me smile. They bring me encouragement and hope. Some days I swear, even in the dead of winter I will see one little burst of a firefly, oh sure, you could argue that it is a light from something else—or that it is all in my head; but I choose not to. I believe it is a little glitter from God, a little encouragement that he cares about me.

I hope you are all enjoying your summer very much. Remember when you see fireflies to think of the Awesome God we serve, how creative he is and how much he loves you…

Tonight, I encourage you to go back to your childhood. Kick off your shoes and run around barefoot catching fireflies…

Love, Prayers and Fireflies,


  1. Wow i just found this post tonight...
    I was researching fireflies tonight as i have noticed them in the last few evenings and i am trying to figure out how to photograph them and looking for inspirations that might fit my style.. but i loved the piece you put with it here... seeing them brings me back to summer days when i was a kid.. ( we don't have them in Ireland so it is a particular trill for me to see them :-) )
    Thanks Courtney