Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Babysitter Kate and Invented Games

Something about summer always reminds me of long summer evenings playing outside with our amazing childhood babysitter, Kate. 

Kate started babysitting for Andrew and I when we were just two year old. My parents generally had date night once a week and for years we would look forward to the Friday or Saturday night that we would get to spend with Kate. Summers were the best because it stayed light out for so long. We spend hours in the backyard catching fireflies and inventing different outdoor games like “keep it up” where the beachball couldn’t touch the grass and woodchip lava (self explanatory? Ha!). We told made up knock, knock jokes which at the time left is in side splitting laughter—yet now, don’t make too much sense at all. The only one I can remember is:

Knock, Knock…
Whose There?
Pennington Who?

(If I had to guess, I would say we were eating string cheese at the time…and found this to be quite hilarious!!)

When Kate came over, we always requested that she bring us a movie we didn’t have to watch—I think over the years, we probably watched “The Princess Bride” at least a hundred times. Before long, we could quote all the lines and would constantly recite our favorites like “Stop it, I Mean it….Anybody want a peanut?”

One summer night when Kate was over, she had brought us a homemade cherry pie. It was sitting near the bottom of the stairs, As luck would have it, moments later my clumsy twin brother slipped down the stairs and landed right in the pie. His new nickname for the remainder of that summer was “Cherry Pie Butt” (You should call him that sometime…he loves it J )

The best part of the night for Andrew and I was when Kate would put Emma to bed (sorry Em) then let us stay up late past our bedtime and watch TGIF and Saved By The Bell with her. We had to be all ready for bed in advance…teeth brushed; PJ’s on…then we could watch the shows. When we saw headlights in the driveway we would scurry to our bedrooms as fast as we could and pretend to be asleep. I would always eavesdrop from my bed as my parents asked for the “Babysitting Report” and Kate would remind them that we wanted them to tuck us in again and kiss us goodnight before they went to bed.

Kate was the BEST babysitter ever, truly a member of the family, it is so fun to think back on all the great memories that she is in!

Love and Prayers,

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