Monday, April 18, 2011

Week[end] Update and Kappa Formal

Sorry about the little siesta, It was quite a busy week! 

First things first, Greek Idol was SO much fun! My parents and Johnny's mom made the trip up to Manhattan to watch! Although the sound system was average and they forgot to turn Hazen's mic on for the first few verses,  we got SECOND place and had a blast! I am crossing my fingers that this video below will work!

My Dad brought my Lilacs from the Lilac Bush outside my window at home! Lilacs are probably my favorite smell in the whole wide world! It makes me think of spring turning into summer!

Sorry, a bit blurry---this is what I wore for Greek Idol:
(Skinny Jeans (Gap), Silver Shirt (TJ Maxx--borrowed from Anna), Black Wedges (Urban Outfitters))

Random Teacher Outfits from last week.

Gray Dress (Target) Light Green Flats (Payless)

Brown Sweater (Gap), Floral Skirt (NY&Co), Brown Wedges (Payless)

Thursday Night all of us Teachers gathered over at Amanda's to enjoy some homemade enchiladas (Thanks Ashley!) and celebrate the official end of our Unit Planning! Horray!!! They are TURNED IN!

Amanda's Air Freshener has a name. Hilarious. 

Then I met up with one of my roomies from last semester, Shelbi and we had a wonderful time catching up over coffee and live music at Bluestem Bistro. The one and only Laura Wetzel was playing and was amazing as usual!

Friday night I grabbed some pizza with friends at AJ's then hunkered down for the night. It was stormy out and perfect for a Skype date with Mr. and watching some LOST. Johnny and I both have  Netflix now and we have been watching the TV show LOST. We never saw it the "first time around" when it was airing on TV but have enjoyed slowly  quickly working our way through the seasons. It is ADDICTING! One good and bad thing about it being on Netflix is when they leave you in suspense at the end of an episode you can just click "next". Needless to say, I have stayed up past my bedtime a night or two because I just couldn't wait to see what happened! It was about as good of a "date night" as you can have when you are 1, 500 miles away from each other. We even set up skype and tried to press "play" on Netflix at the same time so we could "watch it together" and discuss what was happening. We are such dorks. 

The weather outside this weekend was pretty pretty! I enjoyed iced tea outside and saw the most adorable puppy on the patio of Bluestem!

He was 9 weeks old and I contemplated pulling a Cruella de Vil and snatching him because he was just too cute!

I got some wedding "to-do's" checked off my list and flipped through the Martha Stewart Wedding Magazine. Those wedding cakes on the cover were staring me down, so I indulged in a slice of carrot cake! Mmm!

Before long, it was time to head back to Kappa and get ready for our Formal Date Party! I was sad that Mr. wouldn't be there to dance the night away, but it ended up being okay because most of my pledge class was going stag! We had a blast getting pretty, taking tons of pics and then going out for cheap mexican food in our formal dresses...we got a few strange looks!

So thankful to live with lots of pretty ladies with pretty dresses. I got to borrow this dress from Emily...does she have good taste or what? Silverish goldish shoes are mine from Tar-Jay last year!

Ummm, So there was a huge cow statue outside the Mexican Restaurant...well it is Manhattan, KS...what do you expect!

The right 6 roomies from last semester!

I have b-e-a-utiful friends!

We ended the weekend with a long leisurely walk around the neighborhood, ending at the park where we acted like little kiddos and played on the playground!

 Growing up is so over-rated!

Strange twisty-ma-bobber...they definitely didn't have this "high-tech" playground equipment when I was little!

Hope that you all had a splendid weekend too!

Love and Prayers,

So Tell Me...

What is/was your favorite playground/park activity...Swings? Slides? See-Saws? 


  1. i grew up in KY and we had the same cow (er, bull?) statue thing in the town square. hilarious.

  2. I loved our great conversation...and I miss living with you. no doubt.