Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuttle Creek Picnic and Greek Idol!

(I promise I will get back to the Bridesmaids line up soon, but first I am digging through old photos for optimal embarrassment! Most childhood pics are not on my computer, but I will resume the "announcement" posts very soon. Stay tuned!)

Yesterday I had a fabulous picnic date with my dear friend Kathryn. Kathryn and I met our very first night living at the dorms freshman year. She came down the hall and introduced herself and asked if we wanted to go to breakfast with her the next morning at the dining hall. From there, it was history! We spend hours and hours freshman year wreaking havoc on Boyd Hall first floor. I have so many hilarious memories from that hallway. We were quite the pair!

We don't see as much of one another as we would like, now that I live in Kappa and she lives off campus but when we do get together we have a wonderful time!!! Kathryn and I decided to grab sandwiches at Planet Sub then head over to the beautiful Tuttle Creek to picnic and talk. I got to hear all about how Air Force stuff was going and I can't even begin to describe how proud I am of Kathryn. I respect her more than I can express. She is so brave, smart, strong and beautiful and every time we get together she knows just what to say to encourage me in my walk. I know she is going to be an amazing light for all those around her. Kath expressed that the military can be a dark environment and hard to find community, but I have so much confidence that she will do INCREDIBLE things for the Kingdom and learn and grow SO much!

We snapped a few pics which do not do ANY justice to the beautiful sunset we saw, but they will have to do. Also, they were burning off fields in the distance so it smelled wonderful! I love Kansas in the spring!

Navy Blue Front Pleated Skirt (Gap), White 3/4 Shirt (Target), 
Nude Wedges (Target), Fun Necklace (Christmas Gift From Mrs. Falk)

Today I got to teach a math lesson to the fourth graders. It went so well! I was excited because it was my first time teaching a lesson solo for this group and I had a full 55 minute lesson to fill. We read the book "Sir Cumference and the First Round Table" by Cindy Neushwander. Then I taught a lesson about circumference, radius and diameter using characters from the story and actions that I came up with. The kiddos were so engaged and we all had a blast together. My behavior management plan worked really well and I only had to correct misbehaviors a handful of times! Horray! The ending activity was measuring circumference of various circles using twizzlers pull and peel. They had a blast and when I graded the sheets I was so impressed with how much they learned! They hadn't even been introduced to the topic of circumference before today and now they were "experts" ahhh! Makes me so proud of them! :)

I am off to practice for Greek Idol! I tried out and made it a few weeks ago.  It is kinda like "American Idol" but is a one night singing competition for the greek community at K-State. It is put on during greek week and it is the third year I am in it (Last year I sang "Part of Your World"--SO FUN!!). I debated singing Disney again but decided to go in a different direction totally and sing the song "If I Die Young" by The Band Perry! It has wonderful harmonies and hauntingly beautiful lyrics.  I also have two amazing musicians playing guitar and fiddle along with me. We can't wait for tomorrow! Even my parents and Johnny's Mom are headed up to watch! Yay!

I will let you know how it goes tomorrow, wish us luck!

Love and Prayers,

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