Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tipping Tents and Pizookies

The weeks are FLYING by! I can hardly believe this weekend is over and it is Tuesday already. School is almost out, which is leaving me with bitter-sweet feelings. As excited as I am for the next phase of life, college has gone by so fast--I will miss the pace of life, campus, sorority, friends and even the town of Manhattan. I suppose I better "live it up" the last five weeks--enjoying time with friends and having no regrets. 

This past weekend was a blast! I got a chance to celebrate several of my friends birthdays starting with dinner Friday night at our favorite Mexican joint, La Fiesta for Jessica's 21st! We ate our weight in chips and salsa and had great conversations!

Next up a few of us headed over to Emily's to join her and all her roomies in her 22nd B-day get-together! 

Me and Em, the Birthday Girl!

We made a Pizzokie and it was FABULOUS. I hadn't had one since high school, when my friends and I would make them all the time on weekend nights. It is just cookie dough, pressed into a pan and baked till it is cooked but still a bit gooey then topped with vanilla ice cream right out of the oven. Everyone just grabs their own spoon and gathers around to chow down! It is hot-meets-cold and completely to die for! MMMMmm!
This was literally five minutes later. :)

Saturday I did some homework and cried that I was stuck inside with my laptop instead of outside at the park with all of my friends. I think I was only able to get through the homework blahs knowing that I could be outside all evening after I got all my other stuff done.

I joined a bunch of my sorority sisters for dinner at Olive Garden. Shelbi's sister and Ashely's good friend Jordan were in town so we wanted to show them the fine dining cuisine Manhattan, KS had to offer (these are the jokes)...

 Sadly, I don't think they were all that impressed by the four hour dinner that ensued. Yes, you head me right...FOUR hours. It was the longest wait ever. Then after being seated it took at least 45 minutes for the first person to be served and 50 minutes passed between when the first plate came out and the last one. It was a disaster, food was cold, checks were all messed up...I could go on and on, but I wont. Lets just say it wasn't a peaceful, leisurely four hour meal with wonderful courses and attentive wait staff...It was quite the opposite.

Besides we were ready to get the heck out of there and meet the other bunch of Kappas who had gone to Tuttle Creek and set up for our Camping Adventure!

Me and Chels!
Callie is definitely ready to camp...and dance?
Whitney, Blake and Sarah
Emily, Ali, Callie, Me and Chels
Blake, Hol, Chels
Naturally, Sitting around the fire talking + roasting SMORE's was a must!

Then we hunkered down in the tent for "smore" girl talk and laughter!

The chatter died and we closed our eyes around 1:45-2:00 am...
I woke up about an hour later having to go nature potty. Oops. At least I had my headlamp to navigate. I was the farthest away from the door and after stepping on half my group getting out of the tent and my hysterical laughter upon seeing what we had been sleeping in--the whole gang woke up. 

Tears of laughter were streaming down my face as I told the girls they HAD to see what our tent looked like from the wind. It was SO funny. Oops. Guess the "set up crew" forgot to stake in the tent. Oh well, it made for the best laughs. 

 Since we were all awake we just decided we would get a better night's sleep if we headed back to Kappa, so we packed everything up and got to sleep in our own beds. The next morning my sides hurt from giggling.

It was definitely a fun weekend! I hope to have a bunch more memories like this before it is time to say goodbye to college in a few short weeks!

Love, Prayers, and Tipping Tents,


 Tune in later today for the last Boston installment and Teacher Outfit of the Day!

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