Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sweet Bites and Creating Cozy

Even though Johnny had to work during the week while I was visiting. I definitely kept busy! Monday I spent at the apartment, tidying up, finishing unpacking, deciding where I was going to put decorations and waiting for the cable/internet/tv guy to come and set everything up. That afternoon it was so nice to finally have internet! Especially being in a new place, Johnny and I struggled the previous weekend to figure out what to go, where to eat, and how to get there without the assistance of the internet we have all grown to depend on!

While waiting for Johnny to get home, I whipped up a batch of chocolate chip cookies...which are probably our favorite sweet treat. I always wonder how they will turn out in a new oven, but they were great! It was fun to be able to "create cozy" and have Johnny arrive home to a yummy dinner and homemade-cookie smelling apartment.

We muched on these trader joes alphabet shortbreads while the soup was simmering :)

I made a quick batch of chicken tortilla soup, I would share the recipe...but I didn't really use one! Basically baked chicken, chicken broth, onions, olive oil, garlic, can of green chiles, tomato chunks, a handful of spices...annnnd top with chippers and blob of greek yogurt!

 The next morning I decided I wanted to drive Johnny to work so that I could run errands using the car, hit up the grocery store and also explore some local coffee shops! Mr. has the most AMAZING drive to work. It is gorgeous---windy roads, adorable street names (Bumblebee Place...yes please!), and even an apple orchard. I didn't have my camera with me to snap pics right then and there--so I had to come back later that morning and snag a couple. There wasn't as much of a "golden" glow from the sun coming up but it was still just breathtaking!

 After a huge grocery run to Stop and Shop I decided I was hankering for some coffee and needed to scout out a fun little cafe on the iphone. I stumbled upon Sweet Bites and immediately fell in LOVE. I mean, look at these doors...they are adorable! (Now I am going to try to convince Mr. to let me paint the doors of our first house like this...why not? They are so FUN).

The sweet bite from Sweet Bites did NOT disappoint. I got the chocolate coconut cupcake with shredded coconut on top and a brewed vanilla coffee. It was wonderful! I predict we will come here many times in the future. The atmosphere was awesome, it was very cozy and some of the "real food" people were eating around me looked delish!

 Wednesday--I don't really remember what I did Wednesday while Johnny was at work. I am pretty sure I watched a lot of TLC and Bride Shows that morning...and that afternoon my camera tells me that I went to the java room and forefather's burial grounds!

The java room also had a fun atmosphere...It has a little wine bar in the corner as well which I have never seen before in a coffee shop!

Regular house coffee for me! I relaxed and read a bit before walking across the street to...

Forefather's Burial Grounds! (1655)

This was the first school in Chelmsford, MA!

Pretty Church across the street. 

The rest of the day I ran around getting frames for some prints that I ordered, picking up odds and ends at the hardware store and making dinner.

Johnny called and said that he was going to be at work a bit longer, but he was the only one still there and I could stop by to see the office and keep him company while he finished up! It was fun seeing where he works everyday! 

Thursday Johnny took the car to work and I stayed home to work on some homework I needed to get done and decorate. It had been pretty nice all week and then Thursday it started SNOWING.

Not that much stuck to the ground, but this was my "it is snowing on my spring break face!"

 Thursday night when Johnny got off work we drove into the city because some of my dad's friends from college live there and they offered to cook us a homemade dinner. There apartment was amazing and the dinner was incredible! We enjoyed many laughs, great food and even better conversation!

Friday has no pictures, but we just bummed around the apartment after a long week and decided where we wanted to go in the city the next day!

Tune in next time for our trip into the city!

I am off to go get ready! A bunch of us girls decided to go camping last night and I smell like a fire!

Love and Prayers,

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  1. So I'm random and out of this whole post, I just wanna say that I LOVE colorful front doors as well! :) Oh and happy (belated) anniversary!