Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Secret "Admirrer" and Blueberry Fluff Coffee!

I tried a new coffee flavor this morning and I can't decide if I like it or not. It is "Wild Mountain Blueberry" and definitely has a very strong blueberryish flavor. If any of you Kanakuk-ers are reading this it literally tastes EXACTLY like Blueberry Fluff! (for the non-Kanakuk-ers, blueberry fluff is a delicious breakfast cake that is filled with blueberry goodness...mmm) It was strange to be drinking blueberry flavored coffee...but after I got over the initial shock, I started to enjoy it! It felt like a beautiful Tuesday morning in Lampe, MO :) (Tuesdays are blueberry fluff...right?)

Awkward Mirror Pic and Teacher Outfit of the Day:
Gray Pants (Ann Taylor Loft Outlet) White Cami (Target) Green Embellished Sweater (Target) Black Flats (Target)...Can you tell what my favorite store is?

Today my Block C partner and I taught a lesson from the Time for Kids Magazine about nutrition and school lunches. We started out the lesson by asking them to draw a picture of a very healthy, nutritious and delicious lunch. They did such a great job and were so colorful--so we decided to display them proudly in the classroom!

annnnd now, I bring you this weeks edition of...
Students Say The Darndest Things

I will preface this by saying that there were some visiting high schoolers in the classroom who were teaching the kiddos about hedgehogs. They had just finished a long spiel about how wild hedgehogs are not good pets because they carry disease, and if you see a hedgehog that is not in a pet store to just leave it alone, don't try to take it home...and so on and so forth... you get the idea...

Things were going well until question and answer time when the dreaded "What If..." beast latched its claws into the forth graders...

A little girl is raised her hand high- squirmed in her seat, wiggled her fingers and looked like she was about to BURST---Naturally, the HS students called on this student instead of the 15 others that were sitting appropriately--

S- So I know you aren't supposed to take wild hedgehogs but what if, like, you are asleep in the meadow and you have on this jacket that has big pockets and like you are sound asleep when a hedgehog just decides to crawl into your pocket and then you wake up and go home and don't even know that he is in there until you get home--!?!?!

HS Students-- Ummmmm

S- OR if your neighbor across the street has a pet hedgehog and it crawls across the street and it is sitting on your front porch and it looks up at you with the most sad eyes and it is saying "pick me up-pick me up" what then? Can you touch it?!!

HS Students-- Wellll...

Teacher--S, That is enough, Next question!

As funny as the above interaction was, It will be hard to top the next discovery. We found this note today, evidently left over from Valentine's and could barely contain our giggles. If you click on the picture it will expand the picture for your reading pleasure!

My favorite parts are the illustrated broken heart, "mErry me", "AnniverSITY" and the "voice leading to paradise"

Where do kids get this stuff?!? Such sweet puppy love :)

Love and Prayers and Secret "Admirreration",

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