Monday, April 11, 2011

Maid of Honor and "Sibling" Love

Introducing....My Bridal Party! 

I decided to do a little series of posts introducing the loverly ladies that will be standing beside me on my wedding day! I can't begin to express how thankful I am for each and everyone of them and what a unique and special role they have played in my life. 

First up, is my little sister Emma, the Maid of Honor. 

(This is my favorite picture EVER. It is Emma in a nutshell.)

Clearly, Emma has always been a big supporter of our relationship, you could say she "holds" us together. Haha. 

Although Emma is my "baby" sister, four years would never know it. She has always acted (and looked) older then her age. My parents joke that she by-passed the "baby toy" phase and went to whatever Andrew and I were busy with at the time. She wanted to be with the "big kids" and most of the time I think we were pretty nice and included her (Mom and Dad may have a different story). 

I remember when my parents told us they had a surprise for us I asked if it was a kite. When I found out it was a little sister I was SO excited. I mean, who needs a stinkin' kite when you have a "real baby" to play dolls with!

I am pretty sure I wore my "I'm a Big Sister" pin proudly for weeks after she was born! 

I remember one time when we were younger Emma and I were outside playing on the swing-set while mom made us lunch (mac and cheese if I recall correctly).  We had this horrible galvanized silver slide and it was a hot day. Emma was starting to go down the slide and I was at the bottom waiting for her when she started screaming and crying. The slide was burning her legs and I lifted her off it and carried her inside to Mom. She ended up being fine, but did have severe burns on the back of her legs. I will never forget that whole weekend whenever she was hurting or had to put ointment on she would cry for me and I would come hold her hand. I was sad that she was hurting, but felt so special that it was me she wanted to comfort her. 

Emma and I loved putting on shows with our cousins, playing outside and swimming on swim team together. Even when I went "off" to high school, it she would hang out in my room when friends and I would do hair and makeup to get ready for school dances.

One of the best things about Johnny and I meeting and dating in high school is how well we know one another's families. When Johnny and I started dating Emma was still in 6th grade. I have loved watching their relationship and the way they interact with one another. They are both stubborn, sassy and love to tease. They feed each other crap, but we all know they love each other! When Johnny went off to college at Arkansas (where he went for one semester) they didn't have any Chipotle restaurants there. So Emma decided to be a punk and send him a package containing the leftover half of one of her burritos. It was pretty funny when it arrived a week later, stinking and rotting to Johnny's dorm room! 

Emma and Johnny at Thanksgiving. (they both look SO young)
Johnny smothering taking care of Emma after an allergic reaction to sulfa. Poor thing!
Oh "sibling" love. (They have basically acted like brother and sister for years now) *smiles*

Then I literally blinked and Emma was all grown up!

Seriously! Now Emma was the high schooler and I was the college kid coming home to do her hair and makeup for dances.

I am so excited for the coming months of planning with Emma. With her great sense of design and style I know she will be invaluable in helping me pull off this "vintage winter wedding". This post is hard to write because I could go on forever. All the cheesy sister quotes are true-- they are a best friend that you can't get rid of, who has to love you through thick and thin and who you can always count on no matter what. 

I am so blessed to call Emma my sister AND friend. I am thankful for her support, honest advice and companionship. Also for having excellent clothes, wearing the same size, making up inside jokes in the kitchen (do the funky chicken ya..ya..ya, cookie-dough surprise),  getting me addicted to CSI Miami  and being the #1 fan of my oatmeal cookie recipe. 

You're the best Em, Love YOU!

 Love and Prayers,

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