Monday, April 4, 2011

Freedom Trail and The "T"

The Boston Posts are almost over (I know, by the time I finish I will practically be going to visit again!) 

Our Saturday morning in Boston started out early, with us trying to figure out how to get a Charlie Card and navigate the T-Stations, which are the public transportation of Boston. Johnny is good at all these navigation tasks--I on the other hand, well, lets just say I was no help at all and just did my best to stay by his side and keep up.


 We got the hang of it fairly quickly and made it to the Boston Common right as a new tour of the Freedom Trail was starting. We began tagging along and had a hilarious tour guide who pretty much knew everything there is to know about Boston's rich history! 

First stop (for us) on the trail was the State House

I took a zillion pictures as we were walking, the sky was so beautiful and blue and every building had the most amazing architecture! Johnny and I had a blast admiring the city's many gorgeous historic and non-historic buildings.

 Next up, we visited the Granary Burying Ground. This is where Samuel Adams, John Hancock, Crispus Attucks and Paul Revere were buried.

Our tour guide told us a little bit of history about each of these men and the role they played in the revolution. He also told us that there were thousands buried here even though we do not see that many gravestones. People were buried on top of one another and some tombs hold hundreds of infants and children.

It was amazing to see how old some of these gravestones were. It is hard to fathom that you are looking at a stone that has been in that place since 1660!

This is the grave of those who died in the Boston Massacre.

Naturally, I had to get a pic of "School Street"!

This is the Old South Meeting House where, in 1773, a secret signal was given by Samuel Adams to inform the other Sons of Liberty to meet at the Boston Harbor for a Tea Party! I could have used a spot of tea around this time! Despite the sun, the air was crisp and my hands were freezing!

The Old State House was the seat of British Government before the Revolution and afterwards served as the Commonwealth’s first capitol building, with the office of the state’s first governor, John Hancock. The Boston Massacre took place right outside the doors of this State House.

Faneuil Hall was the center of commerce in the city there were market stalls on the first level and a huge meeting room on the second. This is the place where the stamp act and sugar act were protested

Johnny and I walked around the "contemporary" market stalls that now occupy the first floor. It was kind of like a cross between a market and a food court with lots of baked goods and a huge variety of cuisine to choose from. It was so crowded, Johnny and I decided after walking so much that a "sit down" lunch was what we were looking for. Nonetheless, it was good to warm up and see the inside of Faneuil Hall! 

When we were walking out we saw the end of a street performance.

This guy was balanced on a pole throwing these knives with this sharp spinning contraption coming out of his mouth. It was CRAZY! The crowd loved it!!!

By the time we walked around a little more we were STARVING and ready to warm up again. We sat down at the Hub Pub and I immediately ordered a cup of Clam Chowder.

The Chowder was amazing, but the rest of the food was a bit disappointing. We just ordered two burgers--they satisfied the hunger, but weren't really anything too special. Oh well, the atmosphere was fun and we were toasty warm and ready to explore some more when we left!

We jumped back on the T and decided to head over to Boston Science Museum to see what was in the neighborhood and catch an Omni show that we had heard good things about.

I am pretty sure the water in these pics is the Charles River. I don't know for sure...but we loved snapping some pics...

 The Omni Theatre was SO cool.  It was like the IMAX only it literally wrapped three quarters of the way around the room. I can't even describe it. It literally felt like we were in Australia. I was glad we got to rest our feet a bit from walking, but we were both so tired and the seats so comfy and reclined that the 50 minute movie ended up turning into at least a 20-30 min nap for both of us...oops!

 Johnny and I were now "experts" at figuring out the "T" which lines we needed to get on to go where and how they transfered! Ya, I know, just go ahead and call us "locals" :)

 We stopped off in Harvard Square to check out the Grendel's Den Restaurant and Bar which came highly recommended from Tina over at "Carrots n' Cake" It was kinda tricky to find a table (even just for two) on a Saturday night, but we stuck around for a few minutes and sure enough we spotted one opening up. We shared some chips and salsa and a few drinks before we got our food (Chicken Quesadilla for Mr. and Pasta for me). We really liked the atmosphere and the prices! It was a fun way to end a great day in Boston.

 When we got back to the station we parked our car at, Mr. decided he needed a donut for the trip home and I grabbed a coffee! We had an amazing Saturday in Boston!

Love and Prayers, 

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