Friday, April 22, 2011

Dorothy Shoes and Fancy Potty

I have good news and bad news...(but really not that bad).

bad news: the "Big Computer" is broken and I can't access all my embarrassing pics that I have stored up of the bridesmaids I have known the longest. Lucky for them, because we all had some AWKward middle school years. :)

good news: I found my computer cord smashed at the bottom of my over-packed suitcase. Huzzah! Now you get to see silly mirror pics of all my teacher outfits of the week and my cah-razy kappa friends before we went to Houlihans for appetizers on Wednesday!

There were lots of funny kid moments this week, but I was too busy actually teaching to write them down--and at the ripe age of 21 my brain has failed me and I can't remember them now. I promise to do better next week :)

We didn't have chapter this week so we decided to head down the street to Houlihans and enjoy some yummy food, drinks and wonderful conversation! Here is us outside the Kappa was being balanced on the dumpster---ya know, we keep it kappa classy :)
Left to right: Shelbi, Ashley, Me, Allison (Fun fact: Allison and I have known each other since we were babies! We both have twin brothers and our parents met at "Twins Club")

Tuesday's Outfit 
Khaki Pants (Target), Yellow Shoes (Target), Belt (Target), Checkered Shirt (Target)....are we sensing a theme here? 

Wednesday's Outfit
*New* Black Capri Pants (my "Easter Gift") (NY and Co), Argyle Sweater (I don't remember--some outlet), Black Wedges (Urban Outfitters)

Thursday's Outfit
Green and White Skirt (Target), Brown Wedges (Payless), *New* Jacket (also "Easter Gift"...Thanks Mom!) (NY and Co)

I am writing this post from the Boston Logan Airport waiting for the Fiance to come get me! We changed our plans from meeting in the city to him picking me up because my flights got delayed a zillion times and we are both feeling more like a "veg night" than an "out on the town night". So, current plans include take out and watching LOST on Netflix. I can't wait to give him a BIG hug and kiss...I miss that boy!

Okay, so I am hoping this isn't TMI for the bloggy blog...but I just had to make note of the ridiculously fancy potties that they have in the Chicago airport (where I had my big fat layover/delay). I mean, maybe these are the "norm" for some of you folks...but I was baffled! It was like magic!!

Wave hand over symbol...over changes...brand new cover...
No flimsey paper covers, trying to drape seat carefully in TP or squatting. Wow. Welcome to the next generation of public restrooms folks!

 While waiting for my flight to leave, I kept busy flipping through wedding magazines, reading "The Book Of Lost Things" (for an online class) and spying on the most adorable little girl who was sitting next to me.

While pretending to be messing with settings on my camera (didn't want Mom to think I was a creeper), I snapped this quick pic of her ADORABLE ruby red slippers! I instantly went back to my childhood, where I would play Wizard of Oz, click my heels together, ask my Dad to braid my hair into "Dorothy Braids" and skip around singing "Follow the Yellow Brick Road". She was just too cute munching on her lollypop and watching the planes take off out the window!

I thought I would be in Boston by 2:00 so I ate the Larabar I packed wayyy early on...with all the delays I knew I would need a snack to tide me over and I indulged in an Auntie Annes Pretzel. Oh-so-good!

Well Folks, that's all I got for you today! Hopefully Johnny will be pulling up to the airport any minute...I am so excited for our "night in". 

TGIF...Have a good one!

Love and Prayers, 

So Tell Me...

Do you still get butterflies in your tummy when you are going to see your loved one after a long time?

(My tummy is currently doing flip flops and I am getting more and more giddy by the moment!)

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