Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bridesmaids Dresses and Skirt Weather!

I hope you liked Johnny's apartment tour, I think it looks pretty nice minus the fact that all the walls and carpet are white/neutral. They let you paint, but we decided we wouldn't bother because we are not sure what apartment complex/building we will live in after we get married and we don't want to have to worry about repainting a colored wall back to white before we move, etc.

I was also looking through the pictures I posted and started laughing because the lamp in the living room looks like it is just this glowing lamp shade floating and producing light. The bottom of it is glass and it didn't show up very much in the photo! :)

This morning I woke up and got right back to work on my unit. I am pleased to announce that it is COMPLETE! Holla! I am taking the rest of the weekend off. Then I am going to glance at it with a fresh pair of eyes on Monday before it is time to turn it in. It feels SO good to be done with such a big project. I feel like the rest of the school year I can just coast!

I was so glad I got HW done when I did because the weather today in Manhattan has been AMAZING. It was in the upper 80's and I definitely took advantage of the sunshine to bag some rays outside. I snacked on fresh pineapple, read a bride magazine and relaxed! 

A bit later on I decided to head over the coffee shop to hang out with Hollie while she worked on homework. I brought my wedding binder and had fun getting back into "planning mode". I put literally everything wedding on hold while we figured out Johnny's move and with school I haven't had a chance to work on things in awhile. Wedding planning is kind of a strange process. There is a ton to do in the beginning, then a lull and now I think I am hitting that second "burst" of things to plan. We have the venues for the ceremony and reception, photography, my dress and the cake and caterer reserved. Next on the "to-do" list is finding a DJ, finalizing the catering menu, a million other things I am forgetting...and ordering the bridesmaids dresses! 

I am completely obsessed with the dresses I found. I LOVE them. I think they will go perfect with the vintage winter theme of the wedding. They remind me of the dresses from the TV show Mad Men. I am convinced that I was born in the wrong era, at least clothing wise. They are classy-meets-vintage-meets audrey hepburn! Alright, enough they are!!

I am thinking nude round toed pumps, but haven't found the perfect pair with the perfect price tag.

As you can tell, I am in love with the dresses. However, what I am not in love with are confusing size charts. I called the Website where we are ordering them and they say the size chart is from the designer and assured me that they would fit--but it is so strange. All of my bridesmaids are going up a size or two from what they normally wear. Weird. It stresses me out because there is a no return policy. Eeks. I think we will just trust the size chart and err on the side of caution then count on having some alterations. I'm thinking the most important measurement to pay attention to is the waist because of the way the dress is fitted, soooo we will make sure it fits there and alter the top to fit.

I don't know why I just typed out all of that. I think I needed to mentally process and reassure myself. If any of you readers have any experience with Alfred Sung dresses and have any sizing tips, I am all ears!

I am really excited about the upcoming "series" of posts I dreamed up, so make sure to check back tomorrow!

Love and Prayers,

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