Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bridesmaid Erin and Spontaneous Song

There are SO many things I am going to miss about living in a sorority with 75 other girls. I was reminded of this fact only moments ago when my sweet roomie Emily and I were working on a project for her Education class and we heard a very beautiful voice across the hall singing..."Ch-ch-ch-ch-chaaaaaanges!" We immediately sing belted our lung out "turn and face the strain--Ch-ch-ch-ch-chaaaanges!" Needless to say, it was an ethereal moment of

Spontaneous song, random dance parties, hours and hours of Say Yes To The Dress recorded on our DVR. All of these moments will be so greatly missed when I have to say goodbye to this amazing mansion we live in and get to call home.

In my short three years of college I have met some amazing ladies. Tonight, you will have the opportunity to meet my dear friend Miss Erin White...

I don't even know how I can begin to "introduce" you to Erin. Words are so insufficient to describe the beautiful woman that she is inside and out. Erin is someone you can call up any or night--and she will pick up the phone and know in an instant exactly what to say. She is someone who will get excited with you at the drop of a hat, when the news is good and you need a cheerleader. She is also the first to join you in shedding a tear when the news is disappointing, frustrating or sad.

We met during sorority recruitment. One of her friends was in my "Rush Group" and I remember initially feeling intimidated by this leggy blonde bombshell who was "destined to be a Kappa". I wanted Kappa so desperately and heard through the grapevine that this "Erin-girl" was a shoe-in. I only hoped that I could be as cool as her and somehow get a bid from the KKG's as well!
Sure enough, we both pledged Kappa and from there our friendship grew. We both joined the same campus ministry, Ichthus, and shared many similar interests. We both loved musical theatre, choir, organizing, schedules and "to-do" lists. (yup, we are's okay...we own it!).

We also spent an entire Friday Night driving Freshman New Members around Manhattan with all the windows down in my Camry and blasting my Disney Playlist at full volume! We made so many loops through town, and would drive past a particular group of people several times until we got the proper response we deserved (acceptable responses included: hoots, hollers, whoops, or even a good chuckle or weird look---unacceptable responses: being ignored, people trying to be "too cool for Disney")! This was a GREAT fact, if I recall...this memory was captured on film :) YES! *hope video works*

When it came time to choose roomies for second semester of our sophomore year I remember sheepishly sending Erin a text hoping that somehow she wouldn't already be "spoken for" and we could get to know each other even better. A few text messages later and it was official...we were going to be roommates!

Well the rest is history. Over that semester we developed the motto "Jesus and Caffeine," Made a zillion cups of "Trader Joe's Bay Blend" Coffee, danced to "Earth Wind and Fire" at least twice a week, sobbed together as we watched videos about human trafficking, planned the Loose Change to Loosen Chains Event and got each other through a tough semester of classes.

Erin has a beautiful soul. Her heart for others is something that both humbles and amazes me.With a deep care for the well being of those around her, she is intentional about relationships and finding time for deep conversation. In a word, Erin is Passionate.  Passionate about Jesus, Passionate about Friendships, Passionate about Justice, Passionate about Africa, Passionate about Peace and Passionate about life.

I am thankful for the blessing and inspiration she is to my life. I am thankful that she has agreed to be my bridesmaid and stand by me in 255 days (but who's counting).

Have a wonderful Thursday (for 15 more minutes) and a great Friday!

Love and Prayers,

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