Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bridesmaid Chelsea and Rainy Day Blues

I have a bad case of the Rainy Day Blues. It has been so nice and "spring-y" here and then today the clouds and cold rolled in. Rainy Days are great when you get to stay in PJ's, read and drink hot tea, but since none of those things were in the day's schedule I caught the blues. Today we didn't teach any lessons, just observed and helped out our cooperating teacher. It made for an easy day, no pressure or anything--but boy did the day drrrrrrag on. Not to mention I am just missing Johnny. I try not to whine about it too much because we are so blessed--but oh my word--it is just not that fun to do long distance. I am so ready to be married and not have to say goodbye anymore. Ugh. End rant, I promise! On the bright side, I do get to join Johnny for Easter this weekend, and can hardly wait!

Tonight, I am introducing you to the one and only...Chelsea Jacobsen. On a day like this...she is definitely a ray of sunshine that adds SO much laughter to my life. Earlier this evening I was making a Microwave Cookie and she insisted that I "teach" her to make them. I rolled my eyes (yes, I have my sassy moments) and told her, "They are SO easy- there is no 'teaching' involved at all...All you do is put oats in a bowl, a splash of vanilla, sugar if you want and an egg white, mix, microwave. done!"

Simple right? Riiiiiiight. It would be, if you knew which part of the egg was the yolk and what part was the white (Come on Chels, You had to know that was getting blogged about!). After I teased her relentlessly about the egg WHITE being the NON-YELLOW part of the egg, she insisted that she was "just checking" because she didn't want to mess it up. The cookies turned out loverly, I am pleased to say...and we had a good laugh or two along the way.

Honestly, Chels is just fun to be around. We met our freshman year of college, but didn't get close until the end of last year. She always teases me about the first time we had a conversation. It was the night of initiation and all the Kappa pledges were spending the night at the house. We sat in the hallway and talked about relationships, faith, life--ya know, some pretty deep stuff. It was a great conversation and I remembered enjoying myself and thinking "I like this girl, we could be great friends" but didn't think much more about it. Well, a few days later Chelsea wrote on my facebook wall:

I am not a huge facebook-writer-backer so apparently I didn't write back, ooooor remember her name super duper well, and basically made her feel like we weren't friends at all. While all unintentional, I can see why she thought I was being a brat!

She still likes to throw this in my face occasionally about how we had this great convo and she thought we were like *this* but I was not on the same wavelength. Clearly, I came around...realized her awesomeness, remembered her name, had a bazillion more amazing conversations and now she and I are like *THIS* and she is a stinkin' Bridesmaid in my wedding! Hopefully, she now sees that our friendship means so much to me and I am incredibly thankful for the blessing she is in my life. 

Chels? Can you believe I am holding a cat in this picture? See. I must really love you!

I can't "introduce Chelsea" without telling you about our experience at a Bridal Fair this summer. Even though I wasn't engaged in August I had this sneaking suspicion (after 4+ years of dating) that Johnny and I would be getting married soon (I know, call me crazy...right?)--Anyway, so we went to a bridal fair. The cast of characters included: Chelsea, My Mom (Debz), Erin, Hollie (you will "meet" them later) and Myself. Now, for those of you who have never been to a bridal fair, let me paint a picture for you. You get there, are handed huge bags stuffed with junk information from various venders: packets, ads, post cards, magazines, invitation samples and more. There are people at the doors handing out stickers for the brides to put on their shirts so that the vendors at the booths know who to single out to talk to. I didn't want to be the only "Bride"(remember I am not even engaged at this point) so Chelsea also got a sticker, then we went on our way!

Holy Moly there were a ton of different booths. Our group loved the cake tasting booths (duh) and the photo booths the best. There was one point when Chelsea and I kinda got separated from Hollie, Erin and My Mom. Before we had time to escape, we were approached by a flamboyant hotel manager who exclaimed (think Frank from Father of the Bride), "Oh my god, what have we here... two friends are Brides together?" Chelsea and I gave each other a mutual "go for it" look and went on to tell him all about "how fun it was to be best friends planning a wedding at the same time and how our fiance's were good friends too and had talked about the engagements together...etc...etc.." We laid it on THICK. It was hilarious and we could barely contain our laughter long enough to duck around the corner. I was so impressed with Chelsea's dramatic improvisation skills--out of nowhere her "fiance" had a name, they had an engagement story and he was "semi-involved in the wedding planning process but she got the final say". Basically, It was epic! Only Chelsea!

Adventures at Hollie's in Weskan

Always up for a spontaneous adventure, Chels is a wonderful person to hang out with while procrastinating. I can't count the number of times I have come to her room and said, "I'm bored/sad/sick of homework/stressed...wanna go on a Sonic Run/ Walk /Drive". She drops whatever she is doing and says "Ya, I'm game" then we are off!
Formal 2010

Chelsea is probably one of the best listeners that I have ever met. I am so thankful for that quality in her. She is always the first to ask how my day has been and genuinely cares to hear the answer that follows. When someone she knows walks into the room, she lights up and greets them with a huge hug and smile. It may sound like a little thing, but the excitement that she shows--just for seeing someone she loves makes you feel so treasured. 

Formal 2011

Again, I am so thankful for Chelsea. I am thankful for her sweet friendship and can't wait to see her standing next to me on the day Johnny and I become Husband and Wife! 

Love and Prayers,

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