Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Beginning of the End and Missing

Hello, Just wanted to stop by and say hello! I am feeling a little "blah" tonight and not quite up for a full post and weekend update. Johnny and I had a great time...but we (mostly me) had a horrible time saying goodbye. It never really gets easier, but it has been awhile since I shed that many tears. Sorry for the small pity party...ugh. Long distance engagements are stinky. Traveling after saying goodbye to your love is awful!! I always feel so awkward going through security with blotchy face and red eyes...I am sure I look like such a mess. On a somewhat related side note, all of this gives me the MOST respect and compassion to women who have loved ones who are serving our country and are deployed. I can't even imagine being in their shoes and I just wanted to take a second to acknowledge how much I appreciate their sacrifice. *THANK YOU*

More emotional times up ahead as well...tonight was the "beginning of the end" of college. It was the first of many lasts that will come in the next few weeks. Tonight was the last chapter of the year and my last chapter ever. It was so strange to go through the ritual I have done a million times and think that this is the last time! Luckily my sweet friends knew it was a tough night for me, so we decided to head over to our *new* favorite mexican joint for some chips, salsa and drinks.

A few kappa picture memories...

I will give a longer more elaborate update tomorrow...for now, I am going to go find a blanket and make Chelsea play with my hair while we catch up on things we have DVRed!

Also, tomorrow is my last day with the fourth graders! That is so strange! Time has just flown by! I am so excited about the culmination of our unit tomorrow, I will be sure to share all the fun details!

Love and Prayers,

P.S. Just read this post over again. Talk about stream-of-consciousness! Sorry I was a bit all over the place! Have a wonderful night!

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