Friday, March 25, 2011

A Zillion Questions and Oreo Twists

Details from Leg 2, as promised! ( I wanna crank out these "recap" posts so I can get to all the "present day" fun and what we have been up to this week!)

Alrighty, where were we? Kansas City.

Johnny was in desperate need of a good night sleep after covering 1,612 miles and a few hours of sleep. Thursday morning I woke up and packed up as much of the junk I have accumulated to decorate our apartment/home  my dowry :) as I could.  We decided to take advantage of having the UHaul so that we have less "big stuff" to pack 9 months from now when we get married and I move. Really, as much as Mr. teases, It wasn't too much stuff, annnnd I just kept telling him that it was saving us money because I had "garage sale-ed" for most of the decorations and a beautiful antiques.

We packed up the treasures and headed out for what we know would be quite the adventure!

I was so excited to have this extra time with Johnny. Living so far away from one another has been challenging, we have to really work hard to carve out time each day to talk on the phone or skype--and make the effort to invest in strong communication. Having this built in quality time during the road trip felt like such a treat! We were excited to plan, talk, listen, dream, and of course share some great laughs and memories! 

Knowing we had roughly 27 hours to spend in the truck together, I decided it would be fun to find and print off a list of questions to ask one another. The list was quite expansive and often hilarious. It covered everything from the most basic "what's your favorite food" to "what did you find attractive about me when we met" and "what is your favorite childhood memory"? You would think after five years of dating and almost six years of friendship we would pretty much know everything there is to know about each other, but we had fun discovering new things about one another and trying to see if we could answer each other's questions. 

We also got to listen to some Tommy Nelson podcasts that I had loaded onto my iPhone before the trip. They were such a blessing to us, we felt like we learned a ton, it made the time pass quickly, and provoked some amazing conversations! 

On a more goofy note...

Allow me to sum up our road trip in four pictures:

#1. Toot Factory....That is all. 
#2. Oreo Twist Competitions ( I won)
#3. Bug Juice Washing
#4. UHauls are not highly fuel surprise here. 

The Honda was attached to the back of the UHaul and after it's very long trip it was looking a tad bit dingy. Ick! Couldn't resist writing in the grime :) 

Johnny did all of the driving, I wasn't too confident in my driving skills when it came to the big of vehicle. I was worried I would go flying off the road. I was taking a little morning nap somewhere in New York and woke up to this...

Yet another thing I did not know about my fiance, he knows every word to Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On". I could NOT have been more proud in that moment. Be still my heart.  I have definitely found my soul mate. Poor Johnny, he was so tired. Note the huge yawn in the middle of the chorus! :)

(I may be in big trouble for posting that video, but I find with things of this nature--it is often best to go for it and ask for forgiveness as I type this there is a full cookie jar of homemade chocolate chip cookies waiting in the kitchen, yep, that should do the trick!)

 Beautiful Open Road---Such a Fun Adventure!

We look so tired! But happy and excited!

 Coming up next (after I force myself to finish a dreaded English paper--I am in total Spring Break mode): The Move In/ Unpacking!

Love and Prayers,


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  1. Courtney! You and your fiancee are so stinkin' cute! I just melted from reading this post. Too cute.

    Also, you have got Anna hooked on cooking blogs which has got ME hooked on cooking blogs. No complaints here!