Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Town Forest and Pizza Picnic

Sorry to leave you hanging. I tried to start this post a trillion times but kept getting distracted for one reason or another. I am going to try to finish up my recap, update posts, so that we can be back to real life. *insert adorable flash back to David after Dentist* Is this real life? 

Not to mention now things are going to get really confusing because I will be going straight from moving Johnny to Boston to ----> Fast forward 2 weeks and BAM I am back. Oh well, You are all smart cookies. I am sure you will be able to follow!

(setting the stage: we just arrived in Acton, MA after 20+ hours of being on the road)

Johnny did an excellent job backing his car off of the "car-attachment-thingy-ma-jig"My detailed "a-little to-the-right/left" directions weren't too shabby either! 

We got a little tour of the complex from a sweet leasing agent. She was so kind and helpful, bubbly and excited! She was doing a walk through of the apartment and took the time to show us every little thing, even how the water faucet was extendable and turned from stream to sprinkle. (Johnny and I played along like it was such an special amenity--"Oh WOW, that is great"--She was just too cute).

After the tour I snapped some before pics (which you will see later) and prepared my muscles for some heavy lifting with a little pep talk! I bragged  told Mr. I had been working out hardcore with ChaLEAN and was definitely up for the challenge!

Unloaded Chaos! 

I was immediately impressed with the apartment complex because the people were so kind. At least three new neighbors asked if we needed  help unpacking the UHaul! It was very nice of them to offer but we were finishing up and only had a few more things to carry in! It wasn't too bad because Johnny lives on the first floor and has these beautiful french doors that opened right up to the outside. We backed the truck in and got everything in lickety-split! 

Quick run to HomeGoods for some essentials that couldn't wait for registering. We are trying to be really smart and strategic about getting things for the apartment with the wedding round the corner! We did however need to pick up a few cooking necessities so Johnny can eat the next 9ish months.

We called in and ordered a pizza on the way home because we were STARVING. We settled on Sorrento's because it is close to the new place and wanted to scout out the good local pizza.

It certainly didn't disappoint and our picnic on the floor was a great first meal in the new apartment!
 Now we were fueled up and ready to stay up late unpacking all of those loverly boxes laying around.

The next morning we slept in a tad bit then went and ran more errands and unpacked more. Nothing picture-worthy. That afternoon we decided to go mattress shopping before we had to take the UHaul back. Talk about surreal. I can't believe that we are getting married in a little over nine months and are "shopping around" for such serious things as a marriage bed! Whoa. Weird. We ended up checking a few places and liking a couple, but decided to hold off. Most places have cheap or free delivery and the reason we felt in a "rush" at first was because we still had the UHaul. Anywho, that was a fun/strange/i-can't-believe-we-are-this-close-to-marriage-finally- Moment!


It is so hard to capture how an area "feels" in pictures and words. I wish I could pack all of you up and send you on a little visit to experience the town first hand--buuuut postage may be a teensy-bit expensive and I am not sure how well-ventilated those cargo-mail planes are, so I will do my best with what I've got. 

In a word, the area is quaint. Perfectly, beautifully, winding roads-front porches-wooden shutters-type of quaint. There is a town forest right behind the apartment building. The Acton Town Forest. There is an apple orchard up the road, a pond down the street and a zillion colonial style cottages, farms and stables scattered about---are we getting the cute-ness here?

Ahhh! I just stinkin' love it! There is a huge monument in the middle of town, adorable shops, cafes and farm-stands. It is even a bit reminiscent of Star's Hollow! (gasp! LOVE IT). 

Not to mention there is a cute little red building as you enter the apartment complex that is the school bus waiting area...and it looks like a little red school. Naturally, I had to have my picture next to it. Adorable. 


I will leave you with some pictures I snapped while we were driving around exploring. None of them are amazing photography wise, but I think they give you an idea of the area. 

The moving trip went by quickly, but definitely left us with some great memories. I still can't believe what a whirl-wind it was--everything happened so fast. We learned some great lessons about trusting in the Lord and not being afraid to take some leaps of faith!

Thanks for joining us on the move adventure!

Love and Prayers, 

I am posting this without re-reading (never a good idea) because I am late to life group so please ignore all spelling errors and sentences that only make sense in my mind!

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