Thursday, March 24, 2011

BIG Announcement and Daisies in the Sun

Holy Update Batman! I have a LOT to report! I don't really know what to say to transition this one, I have been a busy little bee, and can't WAIT to share all I have been up to. 

First of all, a little over a month ago, Johnny was given the opportunity to take a promotion, start off on a new adventure, and leave the sunny skies of California for a beautiful place with four seasons, tons of history and lots to explore. After lots of talking it over, pro/con lists and prayers...we decided to go for it! 

Where did Johnny move.....?


(Actually, if you want to get technical, he is moving to Acton, MA...but it is in the Boston Metro Area)

These were probably the most crazy-busy two weeks of my life! There were only 15 days between Johnny heard about this job opportunity and when he packed up the U-Haul for the cross country road trip of a lifetime!

The Journey began in Anaheim, CA. Johnny flew two of his best guy friends out to California for the first leg of the trip. They packed it in, slept in the back of the truck on the side of the road, and bee-lined it to Manhattan by Wednesday afternoon. They made it just in time for....

My Candelighting! 

In Kappa when someone gets engaged their husband-to-be is invited to come and share the story of how they met and how they got engaged with the rest of the chapter. A lot of times this is the time when the kappa announces her engagement but I went ahead and told everyone back in November because I didn't think I would get the chance to have this ceremony because Johnny lived so far away and it wouldn't be practical to have him fly out in the middle of the work week. 

When Johnny called and told me that he figured out the milage/distance/driving and he would definitely be able to make it to chapter Wednesday I nearly jumped for joy! Even though everyone knew I was engaged I decided to still keep it secret because it would be a good surprise to have Johnny there and no one would be expecting it at all!

It was so fun to ask my dear kappa sisters to stand up alongside me and read snippets that reflect Johnny and I's relationship! My amazing friend Ashley took these stunning pics (visit her website) and Sarah took a video of Johnny talking about our story (which I would totally upload, but I'm not sure Johnny would be a fan of that). 

After the candlelighting, Johnny got to catch up with friends of his that still live in Manhattan and we went to our favorite date night restaurant, La Fiesta (best cheap Mexican food and QUESO!!) All in all, it was a very special night and I was so thankful that Johnny worked so hard to make it happen for me!

We continued on to Kansas City, dropped off Timmy and Kyle and spent the night at our parents houses. Then we were on the road again, Boston Bound!

Coming up next: Road Trip Leg 2!

Love and Prayers, 

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