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Anniversary Dates and The Burrito Game

As I was driving to the Elementary School today I was pondering how I wanted to split up my glorious 10 day Boston trip so that I don't have this massive 700+ J.K. Rowling-style blog post (not that I don't love HP, because believe me...I do, I think we could all use a little more magic in our lives)..but I digress.

Here is what I came up with, Let me know whatcha think. 

Boston Weekend 1: Pick up from airport, shop for furniture, explore Lexington and Concord
Boston Week: How I kept busy while the Mr. was at work and the best local coffee shops I scouted out. 
Boston Weekend 2: Our first trip into the city, and all the amazing exploring that ensued. (this may be a long one...just preparing ya)!

So tonight we will tackle Boston Weekend 1, then stay tuned for the rest tomorrow/this weekend!

Annnnnnd Acton ( action...but Acton...MA...where Mr. lives...okay, no, I am lame).

Moving right along....

I had to get up at the bottom-crack-o-dawn in order to ride to the airport with my Daddio. The hospital he works at is pretty close the the airport so we decided it would work out perfectly to have him take me.  I made sure to have everything packed the night before, then just rolled out of bed and slept-walked to the car. 

My flights were pretty un-eventful and I slept most of the trip. When I landed in Manchester I had several hours to kill before Johnny got off work and came to get me. I decided to take the earlier flight even if it meant waiting because the alternative was getting in at 9ish and missing three priceless hours with the fiance!

I kept busy by reading bloggies, planning out our weekend, walking around, people watching and munching on all the snacks I packed!

I made a batch of protein bites to fill me up during my wait. In the mix: almond butter, coconut, almonds, cashews, cocoa powder, coconut oil and rolled in some oats. It was edible, but kinda funky tasting. Then I realized that the cashews that I put in it were mislabeled. They said plain, unsalted...but they were jalapeƱo or something. Interesting combo...not my fave. I definitely would have enjoyed them more if they weren't "chocolate-almond-with-hint-of-pepper"

Bagle Thin with Laughing Cow cheese and Deli Turkey!

I was so excited to see Johnny! He picked me up at the airport and we headed straight to Best Buy to pick up our TV (New Hampshire doesn't have sales tax...Holler!). 

Yay! First big electronics purchase! :) We also picked up the "Back to the Future" trilogy on DVD. I hadn't seen all of them and Johnny insisted they were necessary editions to our collection (which is currently 95% disney movies)

That evening we picked up a pizza and relaxed on the couch with Snuggleupogis while watching the first Back to The Future!

After a pancake breakfast, we set off to explore nearby Concord, MA. This is the area where Henry David Thoreau was born, lived and died. His family owned a pencil factory in Concord, where he worked as a young man. He is probably most known for Civil Disobedience (how many of you had to read that in HS?) and Walden...which was written while he was living in the woods at nearby Walden Pond! There are tons of streets, parks and even an antique store named after Thoreau! He is definitely a local hero!
I really appreciate clever store names, so I had to snap this picture of "the dotted i"

After mosying around the main road and window shopping a bit we decided to head over to the Minute Man National Historic Park. Johnny and I enjoyed the beautiful weather on a long stroll around the park. We stopped to read all the signs and I learned so much more about the history of the battle that took place right where we were standing. Ralph Waldo Emerson later described this clash of the British Soldiers and Colonial Militia in a poem as the "Shot Heard Round The World" I kept turning to Johnny and saying..."Think of what happened right HERE".

Some Pictures of the Minute Man Park

 We were starting to get a bit hungry mungry after our vast history lesson. Johnny only had one place in mind that could satisfy his hunger pains....yep, Chipotle. We plugged it into the gps and it was 30 min away...but, there were some furniture stores around there we wanted to check out soooo, we set off to his all time favorite burrio joint!
My what a nice "grill" you have...Soooo attractive!

Okay so we have no idea if this is a "local" thing or what, but we saw this furniture store up on a hill and it looked huge so we decided to check it out. As we were driving up to it we noticed that within the store there was also an IMAX theatre and a seafood restaurant. Well, naturally that sealed the deal and we had to see what this was about. 

This is what we saw when we walked in the door. It looked like a cross between Disneyland and Branson, MO. Each room had a different theme on the outside but on the inside it was completely normal and actually had some pretty nice and affordable furniture. It was a pretty fun/random outing!

Next Up was Bob's Furniture!

Lets talk for a moment about the epitome of American Laziness. This is a coffee table which folds out and extends into a table so that fatso Americans can eat without missing a moment of their favorite television shows...sick. What is this world coming to. 

We didn't end up getting any furniture, just pricing some mattresses and tables...but we had fun just browsing!

Sunday was Johnny and I's FIVE year anniversary. Wowza. It has been a long road. I am so thankful that the Lord has blessed me with such an incredible team mate for me to live life with. Sometime soon I would love to do a "how we met"/ "our story" post! Oh! That would be a blast! Anyway, We celebrated the last five years of dating with a lazy morning of watching the final two Back to the Future movies before heading over to Lexington for a late lunch of Italian food and more history exploration! 

The little Italian Place was so fun. It was definitely a "local" joint and it was fun watching these adorable 5th-6th grade boys try to figure out how much to tip the waitress. They must have lived in the neighborhood, because they rode their bikes there. About halfway through our meal Johnny told me that this place reminded him of the cute Italian restaurant in "Return To Me" once he said that---I could not agree more! So fun!

Edit: I forgot to tell you about the adorable bookstore, "The Elephants Trunk", It was a children's bookstore and I feel in love at first sight. It is probably a good thing it was closed for the day or I may have spent too much of Mr.'s money buying books for my future classroom!

Lexington was BEAUTIFUL. I wish I knew more about history and could give you all the facts and figures. Touring these towns has definitely made me want to dig into history a bit more and dust the cobwebs off of all the stories and events I learned back in elementary school!

The Yellow-ish house above is Buckman Tavern. It was built in 1709 and was the gathering place of the Lexington Militia. Pretty cool


This was inscribed on the monument. If you have a spare moment it is really worth reading. It is so beautifully written and really evokes a patriotic spirit  of American unity!

We rounded out our anniversary with milk and cookies, the movie Fireproof and acting like five year olds playing the "burrito" game...well I always called it burrito, apparently Johnny's siblings referred to it as taco. What are the details of the game you ask? Pretty wrap them up like a Mexican food of choice and then tickle them then unroll them really fast. I know, super complex and cognitively demanding!


It was a very fun first weekend in Boston!

Today was another good day in the schools, we are getting the kiddos ready for State Assessments next week in Math! Today we practiced a ton of function tables, and played several rounds of "guess my rule" to help tune up their algebra skills!

Also, here was my "teacher outfit" of the day. 
Purple/grayish tweed skirt (Gap), Cream sweater (Old Navy) Charcol tights (Target), Maroon flats (Target)

So tell me...

How many of you played some version of the burrito game with your siblings or friends when you were younger?

What are your favorite airport snacks?

See you tomorrow!

Love and Prayers, 

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