Saturday, January 1, 2011

The "F" Christmas and The Giselle Dress

The end of this semester was CRAZY! Such a whirlwind. After Johnny and I got engaged my brother and his sweet girlfriend hosted an impromptu engagement party which was a blast! It was fun to tell the story, see great friends and reminisce about how Johnny and I met/started dating almost FIVE years ago!

 The girls! So fun!

 And the boys...some things never change.

Falk/Pennington Family! 

Dearest Holliekins (My most faithful  only reader) turned 21! We had a fun weekend, first taking a rather spontaneous trip on Friday to Kansas City to see my family and sample potential Costco wines for the wedding. Then we drove back Saturday and had a yummy dinner at La Fiesta (best cheese dip on the planet) and ended the night with deserts at the amazing restaurant, Harry's! 

 I have the most beautiful friends in the whole wide world!
 The birthday girl!

I definitely have a love/hate relationship with finals week. Though I am not a lover of massive comprehensive final review packets and last minute cramming for my education methods courses, I adore study break dance parties, sonic runs, being sneaky, and watching episode after episode of Mad Men from Digital Shelf and coveting the amazing dresses and nightgowns Betty Draper wears. I have great friends and roomies. I will miss the incredible Right Six sooooo much!

Soooo, over break we got a lot of wedding planning done annnnnd, I GOT MY DRESS! This, however, is not it! In preparation for my "Say Yes To The Dress" moment, my mom found her dress in the attic and I tried it on. It was hilarious!! Totally 80s and a little big! It was fun though. I thought it looked exactly like the dress from Enchanted, and I must admit I spent the better part of a half hour flouncing around the house singing "True Loves Kiss" and "Happy Working Song"

Oh I LOVE the movie Enchanted, I may have to watch it tonight!

The girls and I got a lot of good time together this break. We had a fun night at Clare's house, eating too much puppy chow and kettle corn and talking til the early morning, then we also got together for some Thai food after Christmas. It was Yummy but SPICY!

Speaking of Christmas, and the title of this post...It was an "F" Christmas. It was so funny, my parents, Mrs. Falk, Andrew and Emma all had the same Christmas idea for me...I got letter decorations and "F" mugs! I am actually drinking hot tea from one right now! Perfect! I love them all and can't wait to decorate our future home!

Christmas and New Years were just great, this Holiday Season has just FLOWN by! ( I never know, do you write "by" or "bye" when you say that, hmmm. I should probably look that up before I am teaching the kiddos in my classroom incorrectly). Anywho, Had wonderful time with family and friends...I am glad I still have a few weeks of break to enjoy as well!

I'm off to do some quiet time! Johnny and I decided to go through the devotional "My Utmost For His Highest" this year as we prepare for marriage (364 days til we are HUSBAND AND WIFE...not that we are counting...HA!), I'll keep ya'll posted how it is going!

Love and Prayers,

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