Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tumbleweed and Baking

K-State made an excellent decision this year when they chose to do away with the one day fall break in favor of adding on two additional days to Thanksgiving, thereby giving us a full NINE days off of school. Lets take a moment to say, "snaps for them" *snap, snap, snap*. Yes, this was marvelous, because then I could fly to California Friday after classes, arrive ridiculously late Friday night, and have FIVE days with my love before I boarded the plane back to Kansas City late Wednesday night, to arrive in time for Turkey Day with the Fam. I was delighted. Hollie and I rode to the airport together because she was flying to Texas to see her boy and our planes left within 5 min of each other. Just perfect.

After a series of long flights and layovers, I finally arrived at LAX at midnight! Johnny was waiting for me and I dropped my bags and flew into his arms! We stayed up late talking and decided to wake up early to check the weather and see if Disneyland was still an option for the morning. When we looked it was an 80% chance of rain all day and the sky looked dark and cloudy, not to mention we were exhausted! Sooooo, sadly, we decided to put our Magical Disney plans on hold until later and after a few more hours of ZZZZzzz's went to....

KIMMIE'S COFFEE CUP!!! Yummy! With our tummys full of hot coffee and the best french toast and raisin bread you have EVER tasted we decided to take random pictures in the antique shops.

Oh look, we are just casually reading in our antique living room....haha. 

Rainy Day in Old Town Orange!
Went to California Pets to look at Puppies, ahhh, what fun but also torture since we couldn't take one home!

Oops, playing catch inside!

While en route to IKEA we found the largest tumbleweed EVER!

So naturally, we had to pull the car over and try to throw it!

It's taller than I am!!

I found some friends in IKEA...such a fun place to explore!

While Johnny and Joe were at work I spent my days baking up a storm. I made cookies for Johnny's work, the neighbors and the boys...then moved on to cooking meals and freezing them so Johnny could eat yummy meals the next month or so and not frozen pizzas and quesadillas... oh the life of bachelors. Ha!

Here I am trying to be all artsy with my new camera that Johnny got me after mine broke. This pic is making me hungry!!!

It was a wonderful week, I was a sneaky elf and decorated Johnny and Joe's apartment for Christmas while they were at work, I power cleaned and vacuumed and dusted and organized, I also had a good time just relaxing, reading and spending quality time with Johnny. 

Before I knew it--Wednesday morning was here and I would be leaving later that night, on a red eye back to KC...

...but this is where the fun story begins!

Love and Prayers, 


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