Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Sweetest Moment and a Sparkly Ring

Early on Wednesday morning Johnny tiptoed into his bedroom from the living room where he had been sleeping on a pallet on the couch and woke me up with a kiss on the forehead. He gave me a letter, the 31st letter consecutive letter that I had received over the past month. Contained within were two slips of paper, just as there had been in each of the letters before. Upon one, I found scriptures written and beautiful prayers about character qualities he was praying over me. On the second page there was a love letter, telling me what he appreciated about me and how beautiful I was. I had been receiving these letters for a month and felt so treasured that Johnny would care so much to pursue me in my favorite way. I remember feeling loved and happy, but also so bummed because I would be leaving later that night, by myself on a red eye back to Kansas. I rolled over and fell back asleep while Johnny finished getting ready for work, printed my boarding pass for me and sat on the edge of the bed eating a bowl of cherrios. Before he left he told me that he would be home early today because his bosses were giving them a half day before Thanksgiving and told me he would lock the door behind him.

I woke up, made the bed, packed my suitcase for later that night and moped around the apartment, already dreading leaving. Johnny told me he could not afford to come home for both Christmas and Thanksgiving, so he would spend Turkey Day with Joe and his Uncle in who lived nearby.

Johnny got home and after a quick lunch told me that he thought we should get out of the house and do something fun before I have to leave. Even though I was sulking around and cranky about leaving, I agreed...thinking it would be better to be up and doing something then sulk at home. Johnny said that he and Joe had been on this neat hike a few months ago and it was the prettiest place he had been in California and he wanted to take me there, so off we went.

We listened to music in the car and enjoyed the beautiful drive to Malibu on the Pacific Coastal Highway. The song "Gotta Feeling" (Tonight's Gonna be a Good Night) came on and I said "turn it-tonight is not going to be a good night, I have to leave". Johnny just smiled and said "I know you are sad, I am too, but lets try to have fun...we will go on a fun hike and have a nice dinner before I have to take you to the airport".

We got to Point Dume and had such a fun time walking around, taking pictures and laughing together. When Johnny bought me a new camera he had also purchased a little tripod to go with it, so we set the tripod up and took some great pictures. Johnny found a setting that would make the camera wait 15 seconds then take a series of pictures every few seconds. We were just having a ball. I mean, how incredible...we were on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean as the sun was about to set. After a few rounds of photos, Johnny set up the camera one more time then walked around to his Saddleback Leather Bag, opened it and said...

There is something I want to talk to you about.

In his hand he is holding a ring box with a beautiful white ribbon around it, as he gets down on one knee he tells me...

Every day I have been with you has been amazing, I love you so much...

....Will you be my Wife?

I of course said "YES" and instantly start crying. I wrap my arms around him and mutter over and over again how I can't believe it and is this really happening? He has the biggest grin on his face and asks, "Well, are you going to open it?" I slipped the ribbon off of the box and handed it back to him so that he could open the box and place the ring on my finger. He did an amazing was just perfect!

We laughed and hugged and prayed and took a million pictures! I was just giddy! We decided to hike down to the beach and take more pictures.

A few moments after he proposed he couldn't contain it any longer and he said, "And I am flying back with you tonight to Kansas City so that we can tell all of our extended family at Thanksgiving!" He planned it perfectly, and told me "tonight is our night, we arn't going to text or call anyone...just enjoy this moment together, then we can call everyone tomorrow!"  As we hiked back to the car to head to dinner he explained all the sneaky tidbits and how he had pulled it all off.

Johnny had flown in to Kansas City early in October to take my Dad to dinner and ask for his blessing. He had also purchased the ring that weekend, on the Plaza in Kansas City. There were a million little sneaky fibs he told me, like not being able to come home for Thanksgiving. He told me that there were so many nights when we were talking on the phone and the ring had been in his hand! Now it was all coming together, the beautiful letters and prayers, the last one of the month ending that day...everything! And he had pulled it off flawlessly--I was SO SURPRISED!

We had the most incredible and romantic dinner at Il Cielo, an Italian restaurant dripping in sparkling twinkle lights and little round tables for two. We had such a fun dinner laughing and talking and dreaming about life together.

We parked the car at the airport and Johnny retrieved his suitcase that he had packed the whole week and had hidden in place of the extra tire in his car! Man, he thought of everything!! Then we boarded our flight at LAX and were welcomed in Kansas City with hugs, excitement and tears by our whole immediate family.

It was the most amazing day of my life. I am proud to be the future Mrs. John Falk. I love him so much and can not wait to begin our lives together!!! A Page is Turned...

Love and Prayers

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  1. Courtney I am so happy for you both and I have tears in my eyes reading this and knowing you and Johnny are so happy together. I wish you the best and I can not wait to hopefully get together with you over break and catch up. I miss you girlie!

    I love you so much and I am so happy for you :)