Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Monkey Faces and Shaving Cream Giants

A Letter to Bompa
August 17, 1919-November 4th, 2010

Oh Bomps, you were the best grandpa any girl could ever ask for. With your loud boisterous laugh and always a twinkle in your eye you have left such an incredible legacy.  I think a favorite memory will always be the "Shaving Cream Giant" What other grandpa on the planet likes to tease AND terrify his grandkids with a make-believe giant covered in shaving cream who just needs a kiss to become dear old Bomps again? I loved playing that game with you! I also loved being the daring and brave one who would "sacrifice" and kiss you so my brother, sister, and cousins would be saved.

Bompa, you are so talented--I really mean that- You are an amazing artist and wonderful singer. I love getting special hand-drawn cartoons from you, always with wit and that sense of humor that makes me laugh like no one else can. I also adore your voice and feel so blessed that we get to share that gift together. I love it when you break into a Christmas song like "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas" during a commercial break or some other random time!  Even when all my cousins and siblings would tease me about singing Danny Boy, secretly, somewhere inside I loved it. I loved being little and crawling in your lab, my high-pitchy-overly-vibrato voice mingling with your deep, rich melodious one. I felt so proud, like we got to share something together that no one else in the family did. I will treasure those moments forever Bomps. I hope you enjoyed that last performance at your funeral, boy, it sure was hard to get through it without you...standing up there with everyone watching, but as my voice began to quiver I could hear your strong voice in my ears and imagined myself as a little girl again, sitting in your lab and singing in the living room. 

Bompa, I used to love it when I would walk in the room and you would refuse to let me sit down until you have had your hug and kiss. I loved it when you would make me laugh by adding some fantastic one-liner or bit of sarcastic wit to the conversation.(Like the time my Dad was joking with grandma about her cough and asked if
she needed some Brandy to help and you slyly began coughing quietly to yourself in the corner). I loved seeing you shake my Johnny's hand, and comment about what a good name John is and how he had better take good care of me. I promise you he has taken good care of me, and always will. I am so glad that he got to know you, It makes me smile. 

I loved hearing your stories about when you grew up in New York and how you and Grandma met. You truly had the sweetest romance. I know you are probably up in heaven rolling your eyes, but I have all of the love letters that you and Grandma exchanged and I am going through them and working on putting them in a book for the family. You are quite the romantic, and always! I am so glad that we have your love story captured in letters. They are very precious to me. These past few weeks have been hard without you. We all miss you so much, it seems strange that when I go see Grandma, you won't be sitting next to her in your chair. You two were always there...right next to each other, in your chairs. It makes me sad, Bompa...make sure you find some really comfy chairs in heaven that are right next to each other and save one for Grandma. 

I am glad that you love Jesus, Bompa. I am glad that you raised all eight of your kids to love him to. I am confident you have eared a zillion crowns in heaven, for you were simply the best--a saint! I can't wait to see you again in heaven Bompa, and can't wait to do the monkey face and sing Danny Boy together again. 

There are so many things that made you the best Bompa in the world--I could never say them all, and have only scratched the surface. I know you are in a better place now, spending eternity with the Lord that you loved and served every day of your life. I miss you so much already, Bompa, thank you for the memories, for the love that you lavished on each of us, for the values and morals you instilled in us and for the gift of laughter and love you brought to all!. 

I miss you and I love you!!!

Love and Prayers,

Courtney Grace

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