Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Inquisitive and Top of the World

Belated Rush Week, Birthday and California Memories!

I wanted to post some pics from rush week and show off how BEAUTIFUL my Kappa Sisters are, as I was going through pics I realized I never got to blab about my 21st birthday which was made very special by some wonderful friends and boyfriend, so here are some very belated rush memories, birthday memories and california weekend memories...

Did I intrigue you from the title of my post? hmmm, yes, I am sure. Well without telling too much about Kappa's super secret rush process, let me just say that it was necessary at many points in recruitment week to come up with describing words about a loverly individual you had the chance to talk with. These adjectives of description are talked about a LOT and said over and over. Well, one such word which was excessively popular this year was Inquisitive. I happen to be of the camp that believes this is not a great one word description of a person unless they are like the next Sherlock Holmes! Basically my feeling is that it was hard to spell, annoying to write and obvious that a potential new member would be asking questions about the Kappa house. Anywho, that's my rush rant. Done. I promise.

Rush was a great time with my Kappa sistas! It was a blast to all be under one roof with no homework or extra obligations, needless to say my roomies and I, the right 6...filled up almost an entire "quote board" of inside jokes from that week alone! Haha!

I am so thankful that I have the best friends in the world. I thank the Lord every day for sisters who love and support me. I truly treasure these friendship and pray that I never take for granted the daily blessing that these women in my life are to me--they challenge me, lift me u pin prayer and encourage me so much in my walk with Jesus!

August 26th was a wonderful day from start to finish! I got to sleep in a bit then be treated to coffee by Chelsea. She took me to the DMV then over to Radinas for some yummy mochas and great conversation~

My sweet friends from the college of education took me out to lunch at bluestem bistro, my favorite! We ate yummy sandwiches and caught up on life! We are all killing block B, doing great and dreaming of our future classrooms! It was fun to get to spend time with them outside of our ususal setting, Bluemont Hall.
My dear roomie Shelbi and I hit up Sonic Happy Hour, always a must!

I forgot my camera for the next portion of my birthday but it was truly great. Meg and Laura took me to Houlihans for some delish dinner and great conversation. Meg and Laura are my oldest, dearest friends...they have been with me forever! Elementary, Middle, High, now College...it is an amazing blessing to have such real friends who have been with you forever through thick and thin, I am thankful for them!

Hollie, Chels, Shelbi and Erin took me to go see the Cloverton concert at the Kathouse Lounge in Aggieville. We had so much fun laughing, taking pics, listening to great music and being silly! Chels even talked to the lead singer and had him with me a happy 21st! It was a great night, and only got better when they surprised me with a trip to top of the world to look at the stars and eat birthday cake! Oh my, my friends are just too good to be true. 

First to turn 21! No more X's! 

I will treasure forever the beautiful and humbling conversation we got to share at top of the world. We started a tradition where on each of our birthdays the rest of us go around in a circle and share what we admire, love and respect about the birthday girl. It is truly a blessing to hear deep encouragement from those you love the most! 

I almost forgot to mention, my birthday gift from the Falks and my wonderful parents. Johnny's mom and dad got us tickets to go to DISNEYLAND in November when I go to CA for Thanksgiving week, and my parents are paying for my flight out there in Nov. I am BEYOND BLESSED!!!

This post is already getting lengthy so I will add my CA pics and memories later on!


Love and Prayers, 

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