Monday, April 12, 2010

Low Voices and Good Memories

Day Five, Day Six, Day Seven

I had such a fun trip to Arkansas! It was such a blessing to have a fun weekend with good friends. We had a lot of time to talk, laugh, eat good food and watch Andrew run!

Friday we got to Fayetteville late and went to the coffee shop "Common Grounds" to eat a late dinner. After that we talked and walked around a Dixon street for awhile before heading to bed!

Saturday we went to RICKS BAKERY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE Ricks. Here is their website...they have a gallery of all the cakes they make, wowza. They give "cake boss" or "ace of cakes" a run for their money!
They have the most delicious pastries, bagels, donuts, cake, cookies, muffins, coffee, etc...Walking into there is quite daunting! 

There was also a display of the most adorable aprons ever! I have the sweetest boyfriend who knows about my affection for aprons and he insisted that he purchase one for a "surprise-just-because" day. (so cute!). This is what mine looks like!

I think my apron is so so so stinkin cute! I can't wait to bake some cookies or make some strawberry shortcake this week! Mmmm!

The rest of Saturday we watched the Razorback track team. Andrew did really well, getting a PR in the 110 Hurdles and making finals as well as running really well in his 400 Hurdles! It was so fun to sit in the sun, talk with Anna, Andrew's Girlfriend and just enjoy the track meet and being with people I love. Of course we made a sonic run for some soda in the afternoon and that evening went out to dinner! Clare and Lauren drove in from John Brown to join the gang at the pizza place. 

It was a very fun weekend! Now I have to catch up on all the homework I didn't do because of the roadtrip!

The Lord is good! The weather outside today is absolutely beautiful! I love watching the seasons change and experiencing God's love through nature during that time! 

Love and Prayers,

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