Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kleenex and Matthew

Day Three

Well today I woke up to my 6:30 am alarm with a scratchy throat, stuffy nose and pounding head. Ugh. The dreaded spring cold...yuck. I took my temperature and with a low grade fever decided I had better email the teacher of my 7:30 class and hit the snooze button. 

So today has been a lazy day, as I am trying to make my body get better and recover quickly so that I can go to Arkansas tomorrow and watch my studly and athletic twin brother run track! I have been drinking lots of water, vitamin C and resting, resting, resting!

At Kanakuk this year we are studying the Gospel Matthew. Some amazing Kamp friends of mine who were councilors with me last year challenged me to memorize the sermon on the mount. I was totally on board and really excited to get going. However, (much like many important, spiritual things lately) I somehow let it slip to the back burner and have found myself wayyy behind schedule. So I decided to use today to start catching up a bit. God has really been moving in my heart as I read and memorize his Word. I am so thankful that he has written this love letter to us, so that we can get to know him better and follow hard after his heart. I am absolutely humbled by the Lord and his unfailing love. 

I covet your prayers today for really speedy healing so that I can feel better and enjoy the road trip to Arkansas tomorrow! Thanks so much!

Day three has been good, despite the sickies I am feeling closer to the Lord and that brings so much joy to my heart!

Love and Prayers,

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