Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gummy Bears and Glee!

Day 8

I had a great time with Jesus today while I was driving to work in Wamego! I turned on Chris Tomlin Praise and Worship music and just loved spending some time in worship with The King! Such a blessing!

Sooooo Glee was on tonight! It was so fun to see all the characters, story lines and funny jokes! True confession time, I absolutely ADORE the clothes that Emma wears on Glee. I just think she is so cute and spunky and I think her little neat freak tendencies are crazy, yet oddly endearing and hilarious. I love all the characters! But tonight, I just want to write about her and talk about how precious she is!

Oh my goodness! I just think she is so stinkin cute! I want her wardrobe!!! I am so tempted right now to run out and get a ton of cute sweaters, pencil skirts, fun jewelry and adorable shoes/accessories! 

Love and Prayers, 

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