Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Disney Princesses and Rain Drops

Day Two

Day Two. I already feel like there is a spring in my step. I woke up this morning, read a few verses of Matthew and just spent a few minutes reflecting on the Love Christ has for us. I am just so humbled that the Lord of all creation is enthralled by us, no matter how jacked up we are. So unbelievable! I am getting ready to take a nap, then look forward spending some time in my prayer journal.

Last night I auditioned for Greek Idol at K-State. It is basically a singing competition that takes place during Greek Week. I found out kinda late in the game and wasn't sure what I should sing. Well, I decided the best choice would naturally be a Disney Song (no surprise to most of you!). I sang "Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid! Shortly after my audition I received an email saying that I made it! Yay! I am really excited. I had the opportunity to sing in Greek Idol last year as well and I just loved it!

Anyway, that is the latest! I am about to crawl in bed for a quick snooze. I would love to fend off this could I am developing with a little extra zzzzz's.

Love and Prayers,

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