Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Music and New Outlook

Music. The rhythm to which I live my life. It is beautiful, spiritual, moving...It brings joy when I want it to. It sympathizes with me when I am sad or pensive. It makes me laugh, cry, and sing along. Sometimes it's job is to provide a quiet backdrop for my deepest thoughts, other-times, a setting for my cherished daydreams. Currently, music is providing inspiration to me. I am soaking it in, as it stirs within me desire for adventure and exploration.

I have recently discovered "new" music (well, to me it is new) and it has been amazingly refreshing. Prior to this I have been stuck in somewhat of a music "rut"...listening to the same artists, songs and albums for the last 6+ months without much variation. In this season of my life, my new music discoveries have nurtured within me musings of beauty, spiritual growth, and a greater desire to experience life to its fullest degree possible. This subsequently means that I must be pushed out of my comfort zone. This terrifies me. I gravitate naturally to the "safe" choices, the "comfortable" decisions...translation...I am boring, and scared. The Lord has been placing boldness in my heart, urging me to take a leap of faith, follow Him and practice my faith in a more radical way.

I can do it. Adventure is approaching on the horizon. I am ready to seek it, I am anxious to experience life, love, and learn. With new music on my ipod, beautiful songs from the Lord in my heart, a spring in my step and a fresh outlook in my spirit...

...Wonderful World...Here I Come!

Love and Prayers,

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